February 23, 2010

Undangan Kuliah Umum & Diskusi tentang Inisiatif W2V (Water To Value): AIR TERPRODUKSI DI INDUSTRI HULU MIGAS ADALAH BERKAH & BUKAN LIMBAH

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Berikut adalah undangan kuliah umum dan diskusi dari seorang sahabat. Mungkin tertarik.



Undangan Kuliah Umum & Diskusi Bagi Para Profesional Energi, Lingkungan &
Pembangunan Berkelanjutan:
Topik : Inisiatif W2V (Water To Value)

Society of Petroleum Engineers – International
Distinguished Lecturer 2009-2010 Lecture Season

Thursday, 18 March 2010
Legian Room, Ground Floor
Gran Melia Hotel Jakarta
11:30 ? 13:00 PM

Produced Water Management Best Practices:
A Legacy or an Opportunity for Sustainable Field Development

Dr. Zara Khatib
Shell Exploration and Production International, The Hague, Netherlands


Management of produced water is a challenge for mature fields and for the
development of remote fields. The traditional end-of-pipe solution to
water is no longer cost effective. Effective measures to handle unwanted
or excess produced water depend on the asset maturity, on the type of
reservoir, production rates, location, legislation and history. The life
cycle of water should always be assessed as part of the reservoir
management strategy, considering drilling, completion and production.

The economic and environmental aspects of produced water form the basis
for integrated water management principles and practices. The main
objectives are to minimize the production of water, to reduce the costs of
traditionally expensive water treatment methods and to seek opportunities
enabling larger gross volumes to be handled by existing facilities. Where
these measures are not effective, technical innovations may convert water
into revenue and mitigate the impact on the environment.  Anyway, produced
water is not a waste and is regarded as a business opportunity since it
represents an annual ?value? of over a billion US dollars.

This presentation targets a volume reduction of produced water, improved
oil production and cost reduction while focusing on ‘proven’ technologies
that will contribute to the sustainable development of producing fields.


Dr. Zara Khatib, PhD in Chemical Engineering and Registered Professional
Engineer in Texas.Zara joined Shell in 1984 following a two-year
assignment as a lecturer at the Chemical Engineering Department,
University of Houston and post-doctoral assignment at Imperial College
London. She has over 25 years experience in Exploration, production &
operation and a successful track record in technology development,
implementation & commercialization in several engineering disciplines
including Reservoir, Production, Surface Facilities/Process and
Environmental.   She is recognized as a technical expert in Water
injection, Reservoir Souring and in integrated Water Management. She has
over 100 technical papers and presentations in production engineering,
separation processes and integrated water management.  She participated on
several technical Committees and panels including the US DOE National Labs
projects since 2000, the Editorial team for the SPE JPT special editions,
since 2002 and was the chairwoman of PERF, 2000/01 as well as a technical
committee member of API. In 1991, she was awarded by SPE the ?Best Paper
of Year Award for Production Technology? and in 1998/99 selected to be the
Distinguished Lecturer for Society of Petroleum Engineers on Produced
Water Management. In 2005, she was selected to be the only Oil & Gas
industry member of the United Nation Expert Group on Climate Change.
Currently chairs the World Energy Council/ Clean Fossil Fuel Systems in
the UAE and participates on the IEA/ G8-CCS committee in addition to
chairing several SPE Technical committees and Applied Technology
Workshops.  From 1999 till October 2003, she spearheaded the Water to
Value, W2V team?s strategy, business lifecycle, operating plans and R&D
program in The Hague, Netherlands. As the leader of W2V team, she changed
the Shell?s water management from a legacy and discharge to reservoir
management and value preservation.  From 2003-2005, she was the Shell
Global Technology Deployment Manager overlooking deployment of new and
underutilized technologies within Shell operating units and in JV. She was
instrumental in developing and launching the Shell Technology Catalogue.
Since 2005, she has been the manager for Technology Marketing for the EP
business, Middle East Region, Caspian and South Asia, chairs the SPE
Industry/Academia Advisory boards and sits on the advisory boards of
several universities in the United Arab Emirates.

CHARGES: SPE Member with reservation                 Rp 250,000.-
                       Non-Member with reservation                     Rp
                       All Walk-Ins (without reservation)            Rp
                       (Assuming Availability)
                       SPE Student Members                              Rp


The best way to make reservations is to email back to Ms. Mega at
spe_java_section@spemail.org   or phone: (021) 5299-2253.
Please also check our site for details: http://java.spe.org/

Looking forward to seeing you,
Geoff Thompson
Vice Chairman
Program 2009-2010

Liputan Media

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Dalam beberapa kesempatan, terdapat sejumlah pernyataan saya yang saya sampaikan dalam sejumlah event yang dikutip oleh sejumlah media massa. Link berikut adalah sejumlah liputan tersebut, khususnya yang bisa didapatkan secara online.

* http://www.thejakartaglobe.com/home/govt-given-a-failing-grade-for-its-efforts-on-corruption/278150 

* http://www.hukumonline.com/berita/baca/hol22138/reformasi-birokrasi-harus-disertai-pengawasan

* http://www.suarakarya-online.com/news.html?id=150569

Perumusan Kebijakan Publik: Sumbang Saran Pemikiran dari Berbagai Perspektif Teori yang ada

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Tulisan berikut adalah materi yang disampaikan dalam kapasitas sebagai “Nara Sumber” pada kegiatan “Penyusunan Pedoman Perumusan Kebijakan”, Lembaga Administrasi Negara, Februari 2010.

Link: http://staff.ui.ac.id/internal/0900300014/material/PerumusanKebijakanPublikTK.doc

Course on: Optimising the performances of producer organisations

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Saya mendapatkan email tentang sebuah kegiatan. Mungkin teman-teman tertarik untuk mendaftar. Ada beasiswanya juga loh. Silahkan.

Info lebih lanjut: http://staff.blog.ui.ac.id/teguh1/files/2010/02/36_01_optimising_performance_web.pdf 



Dear Madam/Sir,
We would like to draw your attention to the possibility of following our course on
Optimising the performances of producer organisations which will be held in the
Netherlands from 21 June to 2 July 2010.

The course is designed for staff of governmental and non-governmental organisations
that seek to understand, enter into dialogue and partner with producers’

For more information about the course programme and online application for this
course we refer to our website:

For this course no Netherlands government (NFP) fellowships are available.

Applications should be submitted to Wageningen UR Centre for Development Innovation
before 21 May 2010.. 

We would very much appreciate your assistance in informing persons within your
organisation and network who you think may be interested in this opportunity.

Thank you in advance for your time and effort. We apologise for any cross posting.

With kind regards, on behalf of Ted Schrader, Course Coordinator