Apr 09

An article published in the latest edition of Nature, widely quoted by various news media,   has given me a new reason to love microbiology even more. The main findings suggest that the bacteria in the food we eat (in this case, sushi) may play an important role  in providing the gut microorganisms with enhanced capabilities for food digestion. This accomplished through horizontal gene transfer, a mechanism especially well documented in prokaryotes. You are what you eat, indeed.

What does this mean for us? Well, this is a message to continuously maintain a high level of biodiversity in the environment because it is more than likely providing us with many benefits including for our health.

For a link to the abstract of the article please click here. For the full article you need to pay for access. If you don’t feel like reading the scientific article, here are some articles:

  1. BBC news: Sushi may ‘transfer genes’ to gut
  2. The Guardian: Sushi munching bacteria found in the guts of Japanese people
  3. The Scientist.com: Gut bacteria are what we eat

So let’s hit those sushi bars this weekend!