Jul 14

The Microbiology Teacher: Getting ready for the new semester

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It’s July 14th.

Academic year starts September 1st.

So this Microbiology Teacher needs to get ready for the new semester. It is, after all, the semester for Basic Microbiology, a required class for all students at the Department. With around 80 students coming in this semester, it’s going to be chaotic.

Last year was pretty chaotic because it was a transition phase in the curriculum. Two semesters in a row pretty much burned me out.

But that’s over, and now looking forward to a new batch of students (I think). The semester will be short, and I have to leave at the end of the semester (my partner won’t be happy for sure), so I’ll need some strategies to deal with this. Have to cut some stuff.

Also need to deal with the delivery of the course. Students nowadays have such a short attention span and get easily bored (as witnessed by my evaluation, hah!). So will have to come up with new ways of delivery. Maybe through this blog?

Sebentar lagi, tahun akademik 2008/2009 akan dimulai. Berarti, kuliah mikrobiologi akan start lagi. Perlu suntikan semangat baru, karena tahun lalu sempat mengalami kejenuhan (terlihat dari EDOM saya). Perlu strategi baru, perlu buku baru (walau dengan kecepatan informasi, buku kurang banyak berguna…)