Mar 09

We interrupt microbiology teaching for this report: I was driving just outside campus when the car in front of me suddenly hit the brakes. Luckily I managed to brake in time. I was so annoyed but then I saw the passengers of the car look to their right so I followed the direction of their gazes and saw this beautiful biawak run up the small hill formed by the tracks. No wonder the traffic stopped.

It was about 1,5 meters long not too big. But it was impressive to watch.

However, that leads to the question. Why did the Biawak cross the road?

Answer: because its habitat on campus is being cleared for more campus development 🙁 Not to come down too hard on the rector, because UI’s conservation area is already marked. The area that’s being cleared is the ‘entrepreneuring area’. It’s said to become a gasoline/petrol station.

Hmmm… if only the biawak stayed in the conservation area, it would still be on campus.

5 Responses to “Interruption: Why did the Biawak cross the road?”

  1. Nurul Says:

    This is the first time I heard a biawak still live near us. I hope the rector is aware on the wildlife and biodiversity around campus, and do some protection perhaps.

  2. Sitaresmi Says:

    You know I’m not a taxonomist, so my first thought was “What was THAT?” it was way too large for a Mabouya. So I went on google and tried to find something that was similar to what I saw. The closest is the biawak. I hope I’m not wrong 🙂

  3. jpmrblood Says:

    Wow, if the Biawak is 1.5 meters long, it should be considered old and preserved. Sad to say that our wild life threatened by our development.

  4. mega atria Says:

    yes, ibu sita, maybe it was really a biawak, since one of our student found biawak back in 2007, around mahoni lake. it seems that Biawak is one of reptile’s family that can survive in a quite disturbed area. Hopefully UI will pay a great attention to it’s diverse ecosystem (compare to other campus), cause I know for sure that many plant and animal species depend on it. wow, how rich is is UI. HIdup UI

  5. Teddy Budiwan Says:

    Silly Biawak,
    Didn’t he read the plan?