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Terbang Menuju Masa Depan

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Terbang Menuju Masa Depan

(Untuk ananda Naufalia Brillianti  Sambowo yang hari ini berangkat program Nacel Open Door setahun di Amerika).


Hari berganti hari

Kini waktunya ananda kami lepas menuju negeri Michigan yang jauh di sana.

Menikmati alam luas padang rumput yang pernah diimpikan ketika kecil dulu, masa ketika dibuka oleh para pionier Amerika.

Menikmati masa muda, ketika pelajaran hidup yang beragam dan cara untuk memenangkan dirimu sendiri akan ananda pelajari dari keluarga lain,,

Jadilah ananda pioner generasi masa depan. Gunakan setiap detik untuk mengasah kemampuanMu.

Jadilah Gadis Muda yang selalu siap dan gembira menghadapi segala tantangan, dalam keyakinan dan takwa pada Allah.

Seperti juga Uni Almira yang telah sukses melalui masa pelatihannya di Setubal, tanah Portugal 2 tahun lalu.

Semoga Uni Naufalia juga sukses melalui semua tantangan dan hari hari Indah di Boyne City, di tepi ke indahan danau Michigan.

Doa Nenna 30 tahun lalu, kembali kami bacakan “Tuhan, naungi anakku dalam kasih dan pemeliharaanMu”..


Bogota, 24 Agustus 2017

Riri Fitri Sari

Honorary Professorship Acceptance Speech, Chairperson of UI GreenMetric, Prof Riri Fitri Sari was awarded an honorary Professorship for her services to the Excellent Quality in Higher Education Management by the Kazakh National Agrarian University.

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This is the full text of her acceptance speech after receiving her
Honorary Professorship, conferred by the University and presented by the¬†University’s Rector Prof Tlektes Yespolov, in a ceremony at the Main¬†Hall, Kazakh National Agrarian University, Almaty, Kazakhstan, on 15 June¬†2017.

Chair of the Academic Senate, Rector Prof Tlektes Yespolov, Distinguished Rectors/VR/Deans and International Expert Europe, Baltic States and all the Campus Sustainability Directors, Students, ladies and gentlemen, I am most privileged to receive this Honorary Professorship from a University that plays such a big part in developing the best graduates in the

Agriculture and Sustainable Civilization and nurturing the potential and
talent of tens of thousands of students in Kazakhstan from many different parts of the Baltic States.

More than thirty years ago when I received my first degree in Electrical
Engineering, specializing in Computer Engineering for MSc and PhD in UK Universities, I never dreamt I would be standing here today robed in this Kaznau Prestigious Academic Gown. My dream at that time was how to make my passion in computing become a contribution that can help the humanity.

Using intensive ICT, 8 years after the initiation, UI GreenMetric has become a tool to distinguish achievement made by many university leaders worldwide and spark interest in Sustainability and resilient earth.

Soon after you offer me an Honorary Professorship, together with the Rector of Istanbul University last April, in the first UI GreenMetric
workshop outside my homeland Indonesia, one of the first questions I ask myself is how should I thank all those people around me, and every single Person in Charge for sustainability in different University all over the world that have make the UI GreenMetric Movement becomes a real day to day single action in making sure that university campus around the world becomes the best place for sudent to study and academic ti contribute to the civilization in a convenient sustainable campus.

Now was it to make sure this splendid scarlet academic cap becomes symbol¬†of the good use of ranking as an award for those restless individual,¬†champion of sustainabilty all over the world. Well, I share this day with¬†other experts in ranking, √ā¬†other men and women, from all walks of life,¬†who have spent several hard years carrying out advanced research and real¬†programs adding to our knowledge in preserving this blue planet. This is¬†your day too and I congratulate you on your splendid achievements.

Ladies and gentlemen, distinguished members of the University and fellow

graduates, I can not tell you how touched I am that the Kaznau should have considered doing me this very great honour. It is also a huge pleasure for fellow people of Indonesia for this is mark the friendship between our to countries and Internationalization of our University.

I thank Allah, Alhamdulillah for all the blessing I found on my life.

I would like to thank Prof Tlektes and Dr. Daniya Asanova and all friends in kaznau.

I would like to thank all the experts, programmers and administrative
staff of UI GreenMetric, Prof Muhammad Anis, Prof Gumilar Rusliwa
Somantri, Prof Gunawan Tjahjono, Prof Ketut, Prof Tommy, Mr junaidi, Prof Bambang Sugiarto that makes the UI GM as one of the flagship program of our university and becomes an International Network of Universities.
I would like to thank my parent, my husband, and 3 daughters, represented by my daughter Almira Sambowo today, for making me achieving my dreams in this challenging world.

With these thoughts in mind, I proudly but humbly stand before you to
accept this Honorary Professorship which you have so kindly bestowed upon me.

Riri Fitri Sari


Prof. Dr. Ir. Riri Fitri Sari MM MSc

Department of Electrical Engineering

Faculty of Engineering

Universitas Indonesia

Kampus Baru UI

Depok 16424


WA: +6281310817166

twitter: @ririsari01

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