Teori Probabilitas

Tugas 1 (aneka bentuk penurunan dari aksioma Kolmogorov):

Tugas 2 (Aneka Bentuk Distribusi Diskret & Kontinu dalam statistika):

Aljabar Linier Lanjut

  1. [Chapter 1] Vector Spaces, Subspaces, The Lattice of Subspaces – by Raja Leni
  2. Direct Sums, External Direct Sums, Internal Direct Sums – by Mulyadi
  3. Spanning Sets and Linear Independence – by Ias
  4. The Dimension of a Vector Space, Ordered Bases and Coordinate Matrices – by Onggo
  5. The Row and Column Spaces of a Matrix, Complexification of a Real Vector Space, The Dimension of VC – by Susilo
  6. [Chapter 2] Linear Transformations, The Kernel and Image of a Linear Transformation, Isomorphisms – by Shobah
  7. The Rank Plus Nullity Theorem, Linear Transformation from Fn to Fm, Change or Basis Matrices – by Ruruh
  8. The Matrix of a Linear Transformation, Change of Basis Linear Transformations, Equivalence of Matrices – by Yanter

Analisis Kompleks

Pengumuman: hari Jum’at (5/3/10) bu Belawati tidak dapat hadir. Ujian yang awalnya Senin 8 Maret 2010, diundur menjadi hari Jum’at 12 Maret 2010, konfirmasi ke Handika (Pak Dokter).

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