all about the world of sports medicine at Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Indonesia
all about the world of sports medicine at Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Indonesia



Exercise is one of the key elements to maintain and improve our health. The goal of application of sports medicine is to gain benefits from exercise and sports practice, as well as preventing and managing injuries among participants. Just like other medical sciences, promotion, prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation are the basic foundation for comprehensive, integrative and continuous care

Sports Medicine Program at FMUI was established as an effort to fulfill the needs of society for trained medical specialist to solve training-related medical problems for athletes and exercising communities. Medical care based on comprehensive understanding of training characteristics and its impact on human body and the abilities in counseling has been proven mandatory for successful training program



Creating a high-quality sports medicine specialist program that plays a role in improving the quality of health and national fitness that provides an infinite experience for all


  1. Providing quality education in the field of sports medicine specialization characterized by the development of relevant knowledge and science which benefits nationally and internationally, supported by broad and fair access, quality education and teaching, and active participation of all parties.
  2. Developing science and profession in the field of sports medicine education to support individuals, families, communities and the general public to obtain health and well being through the integration of active physical activities with health care efforts as part of the Active Healthy Lifestyle as well as in the management of health problems caused by physical activity.
  3. Prepare graduates to be part of integrated and tiered health services implemented in Indonesia, for all community groups in need through hands-on experience in health services in sports medicine.



  1. To develop professional performance represented in the clarity of problem analysis, the adequacy of the study material and quality problem solving.
  2. To develop science and technology of sports medicine, while upholding the professional ethics and regulations.
  3. To prevent and manage individual and community health problems that arise as a consequence of participation in sports activities and physical exercise.
  4. To utilize exercise and physical exercise as part of prevention and management of individual and community health issues that arise as a consequence of sedentary lifestyle.
  5. To practice the comprehensive expert of sports medicine specialists independently or interdependently in the form of personal, family and community health services as required.
  6. To produce excellent research collaboration across the fields of medical science, health and sports.
  7. Utilizing research as an integral part of achieving the final competencies of sports medicine specialists.

The achievement of the Sports Medicine Program goals will produce graduates who can support the improvement of the health status of society, and solve other health problems especially in the field of sports.