Center for Sports and Exercise Studies @ IMERI FKUI


A leading medical research center in sports and exercise activities which is created to be an active contributor in solving the national health problems related to sports and exercise medicine. The center is located at the 6th floor, Tower A of the cutting edge IMERI (Indonesia Medical Education and Research Institute) Building at FKUI Salemba Campus.


Hosted by FKUI staff members, the center is open for experts in any field to collaborate in sports and exercise related studies.



Chairperson: dr. Ade Tobing, SpKO

Vice-chair: dr. Nani Cahyani Sudarsono, SpKO

Secretary: dr. Angelica Anggunadi, SpKO

Member: dr. Grace Tumbelaka, SpKO



On-going research:

  • PERSONALIZED EXERCISE PROGRAM, THE DEVELOPMENT OF A SAFE, EFFECTIVE AND BENEFICIAL EXERCISE PROGRAM FOR TYPE-2 DIABETES MELLITUS (Nani Cahyani Sudarsono – oral presentation at The 2nd International Conference on Global Health 2017)
  • Status Hidrasi Atlet Mahasiswa Universitas Indonesia dalam latihan fisik (Ade Tobing et al)


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Exercise is medicine

Exercise is medicine

Latihan fisik yang dilaksanakan secara teratur diketahui memberi banyak manfaat terhadap kesehatan seseorang.  Pengamatan selanjutnya menunjukkan bahwa suatu bentuk latihan ternyata dapat […]

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