all about the world of sports medicine at Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Indonesia
all about the world of sports medicine at Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Indonesia

 Sports Medicine – an overview

The role of physician in sports

Sports medicine is one of a new branch of medicine, that deals with medical consequences of sport and exercise activities as well as utilizing sport as a part of medical care.  Historically, sports medicine started with studying athletes, such as their physical and psychological responses to a certain amount of training regiments and specifically sports injury management. Nowadays, physicians under sports medicine umbrella do more than taking care of athletic injuries in athletes, for it also helping people be more physically active and utilizing exercise to improve health and fitness as well as part of treatment of certain medical problems.

Sport injury management in sports medicine

As explained previously, physicians involve in sports health/medical care are also expected to be able to manage injury that might occur due to the nature of sport itself as well as “faulty mechanics” of human body. Good injury management in sport require knowledge in certain aspects such as

  • anatomy and biomechanics
  • sport- and site-specific trauma management
  • injury prevention
  • ” return to play” decisions in injured athlete
  • nutrition, supplements, ergogenic aids and performance issues
  • general and specific training and conditioning
  • specific groups e.g. children, individuals with disabilities
  • medical management in sport

After all, trained and well-informed physicians will always deliver their patients and athletes with the best equipment for a healthy life.

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