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“Life of P”

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KOI pond for my daughter

9 Mar 2015 In: Personal Experiences

My daughter is learning names and sounds of animals very quickly these days. For example, if she sees any gecko, she starts singing, tita’ tita’ i iii. (Cicak2 di dinding). In natgeo channel, if she sees any lion or crocodile, she starts to spell: auuuuuummmmm.. (I taught her that). We also often found street cats around our house (my parent-in-law’s house) then she starts screaming with her melodic voice, “puuuuu, eoooooo”. (puus meoong).

It’s the same reaction when I bring my daughter to somewhere, where there is a pond, she starts shouting “Kikaaaan”. The spelling is exactly the same with the name of one of Indonesian band’s vocalist. She continued with watching how fishes swimming and trying to jump into the pond. Well, of course, I prevent that from happening.

So, it’s the idea of my mother-in-law to create a pond in the house. My job was to design it. Honestly, at the beginning, I had no idea in making a pond. I just asked my friend, who often doing projects in housings. I hired 2 of his workers to make a pond in our house.  The pond finished within less than a week.

Our pond is squared-[]-letter-formed. It has a size of 3x1x0.35 meter, where I just put plants in the center of it. Actually, there’s nothing special about it. It also didn’t cost me much to make this pond. It’s under USD 150. I can say it was a bizarre design since I had no idea what I’m designing. We bought 2 koi fishes, 6 comet fishes, and 3 catfishes at the beginning. The first week when we put our first fishes was so stressful for me. The water becomes turbid within hours. I had to clean it everyday. So, I start reading some sites about how to breed fishes, especially. The thing that I forgot was a filter. that can help cleaning the water.  D*mn!

After watching some youtube videos, I’m inspired to make DIY filter. So, I’m making 3 layers of filter for our pond. Here is the shot:
20150303_095834 20150303_10392220150303_095724
It’s actually simple, the water from the pump go directly to the first layer, where I put some unused cloths, sponge, etc. I put bioball in the second layer. I put zeolite (amonia remover) in the last layer.

Well, i know, from the photos, you may say it doesn’t look great. But it works. It ain’t stupid if it works. Hehe. Besides, it also not that expensive to make. The stone-bucket only costs +-USD 2 depends on the size. Totally, The filter costs me only USD 20. Pretty cheap, huh? I just have to clean the first layer of the filter in every 2 or 3 days. I don’t have to clean the pond itself. I will make the pond better and better as I will read more about ponds and koi.

The pond is a month old now. We now have 25 koi fishes with other 10 various type of fishes. In total, there are approx 35 fishes. Hopefully, the pond can lasts as long as possible so we could watch growing koi that can live up to hundreds of years.

20150308_063628 20150308_063356 20150308_063606 20150308_063622 20150308_063624 20150308_063423

I’ve been experimenting with face tracking in gaming lately. I’m using FaceTrackNoIR app, which is free. You can just google where to get it. It is actually easy to use. I’ve used it in many games, Arma 3, Racing games, etc. I’ve combined this face tracking and android gyro as steering wheel, It turns out to be a really fun way in gaming, especially racing games!

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It’s winter time right now in northern hemisphere! So, I’m gonna write about winter! It’s a theme that I should actually write when I haven’t finished my study abroad. But, it is better doing it late than not doing it at all.

So, winter. What crossed my mind when I think about winter is love. Yeah, lovely winter! Winter is always lovely for me. In northern hemisphere, it happens between October – February. It is the time when the cold winter happens. It is the time when the night is longer than the day, where the sun is very precious. In Turkey, in the peak of wintertime, the sun rises at 8.30 and set at 16. In southern Sweden, it’s shorter, 9 – 15. The temperature was around 0-5 in the day and 0 to -20 in the night. Winter always excites me. I don’t know. Maybe it’s because I’m a tropical guy that lived in a place where the sun is so overwhelm and shine throughout the year? Maybe. :D.

In the winter holiday, what I did was sleeping all the time or playing games without worrying about the overheat of my laptop. :D. Besides those things, I’ve never skip the skiing time. Yup, 3 years, 3 times. From being completely noob to the.,, hmm well, not professional, but I can proudly say that I’m better than Nobita (Well, he always making human snow ball in the comic. :D). The winter holidays takes about 4 weeks (or less). It is the time when I just go to ski resort with friends. In Turkey, there are 2 famous mountains to do skiing, the Uludag mountain in Bursa and Erciyes mountain in Kayseri.

I remember the first time skiing. I’ve never had any training previously. On my way to the peak of the mountain, I’m starting imagining what I would do. Just by holding onto those imaginations I had in my mind, I forced myself to rent the skiing equipment. My first skiing experiment was in Uludag, Bursa. The scenery was great there. It’s also quite cheap. You could rent the equipment that valid for a whole day for just only 20 TL (IDR 120000 or USD 10). Pretty cheap, huh? You could feel it’s getting speedier every tiny movement you’ve made. You will always remember the first time you fall. Till the time you getting used to it. It’s always exciting!

In sweden, the said that they have USD 40 price tag to rent. So, I didn’t take a chance to do skiing there.

Recently, I’ve made a video of skiing from top to the bottom of Erciyes mountain, Kayseri, Turkey. I’ve recorded those footages in early 2014 using ordinary handycam. If only I have GoPro camera. It’s gonna be more awesome! Here it is:


Ohh I miss skiing so much. If only Indonesia have such place to do skiing, with affordable price, I’ll definitely go there regularly. If you had a chance to do skiing (related with money, time, etc.), I highly recommend that you do it. At least, try it. Put it in your bucket list! It’s fun! If you asked me, whether it is difficult or not. I’d answer with, It depends on your willingness to learn.

Some photos:

DSC_2586 602697_10151267267214685_519287534_n



419087_10150540332434685_936621816_n 399918_10150540314354685_1345368682_n 398514_10150540313994685_1936993110_n

Back to Campus… Lecturing

1 Oct 2014 In: Professional Things

So, It’s been approximately a month since I’m back to my country after finished my study abroad. So many things to do here, fixing broken stuff (things I never use since I left for studying), equalizing my diploma, and of course back to campus giving a lecture since I’m already a permanent lecturer in Univerisy of Indonesia. I’m lecturing 5 courses this semester. Not so busy. Still have time for projects. :D. But.. there is one course that is new for me. Previously, I just gave lectures to the courses related to ICT (database, multimedia, etc.). Now, that one new course I have to give a lecture is information literacy course. It’s about how to find information, including information selection and presentation.

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Here we go again, the end of April is comin’.
In northern hemisphere, it’s the time of spring.
It’s also the time of tulips bloomin’.
I know, there’s another special thing.


Today, it’s 22nd of april.
It’s the day that coming every year like a rotation of sails of a windmill.
What’s happening, with this I will reveal.
That by reading until here, already showing some trails.


I bet you are wondering the meaning of this poem in each cue.
Don’t worry, I’d like to let y’all know since the day will go thru.
From the beginning til the end, I’m searching for the words that are not vague.
That could make a poem that you will not boo.


I’m not so sure that most of ya already know that yet.
Except, you haven’t forget or your reminder isn’t getting reset.
Of course for me, it’s one of the days that I’d never neglect.
Yep, 22nd of april is my wife birthdate.


So you already know why I’m making this so poetic.
You might see this as both non-synchronic lyric and arrhythmic.
Because it’s a birthday wish, not a song or a music which sang with a mic.
I wish you could accept this like a tonic, used to grow love in your heart but not to make you melodramatic.


With this poem, I just want my wife to know
I don’t want you to feel mellow and in a sorrow because of the long distance that overshadows.
That this is the birthday gift for you, I bestow.
I’ve made this with the love that from my hearts, it flows.


Even not only today, but everyday, I’m always pray for you, us, our family.
I’m always wish that In the life and afterlife of you, being succeed, the better, the best, or even get the trophy.
For our child, I’m always believe that you could be the best mommy
In the future, we could live a life ever after, happily.



April 22nd, 2014

april poem

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1. Ragam Produk ASUS yang Pernah Saya Pakai

Saya pengguna Asus dari dulu sejak SMA dan awal-awal kuliah S1 tahun 2004. Waktu itu, saya pakainya ASUS Desktop PC dengan motherboard ASUS seri P4 dengan intel Pentium 4 2.4 Ghz dan GeForce 2 MX 400. Dan sampai sekarang (10 tahun), masih bisa dipakai lho komputernya.

Akhir-akhir menjelang kelulusan S1 sekitar tahun 2008, saya pakai laptop ASUS netbook Eee. ASUS Netbook ini enak banget portabilitasnya, kecil tapi kuat untuk diinstall macam-macam aplikasi. Laptop ini masih bisa dipakai lho sampe sekarang. Baterainya juga masih awet banget. Masih bisa tahan 2 jam sejak baterai dicharge penuh.

ASUS Notebook Terbaik dan Favoritku (5)

Asus Eee Netbook PC

2. Beralih ke ASUS K43TK

Karena ASUS netbook Eee lebih cocok buat tugas kuliah, ngetik dan browsing, setelah lulus kuliah dan bekerja karena kebutuhan juga meningkat, saya mulai deh melirik laptop ASUS seri lainnya yang punya performa lebih bagus. Karena ketahanan produk ASUS yang saya punya sebelumnya, saya tetap mencari ASUS.

Laptop ASUS yang saya pakai sampai sekarang untuk aktivitas sehari-hari adalah ASUS K43TK yang saya beli Agustus tahun 2012. Saya tahu laptop ini dari KASKUS. Oiya, laptop ini ada komunitasnya sendiri lho di Kaskus, dimana penggunanya bisa sharing apapun tentang K43TK ini di sana, mulai dari game, applikasi, performa, dll. Ini forumnya di Kaskus, klik di sini.

ASUS Notebook Terbaik dan Favoritku (3)

Asus K43TK

3. Spesifikasi dan Harga ASUS K43TK

Sejak baca-baca thread tentang ASUS K43TK tersebut, saya langsung tertarik dan browsing dimana belinya. Selain spesifikasi, saya juga lihat harganya. Ternyata Spesifikasi ASUS K43TK nggak buat kantong bolong. Saya ingat banget waktu itu beli ASUS K43TK harganya hanya Rp 4,7 juta. Spesifikasinya: processor: AMD A6-3420 M Quad Core 1.5 Ghz, Turbo sampai dengan 2.4 Ghz, RAM 2 GB DDR3, Dual Graphic Card (AMD HD 6520 G + HD 7670 M 1 GB DDR3), Hard disk 500 GB, 14 inch, dan ada USB 3.0nya. Untuk harga segitu, itu worth it banget. Saya waktu itu ada budget 6 juta. Jadi uang sisanya saya langsung beli buat upgrade RAM 8 GB. Karena RAM laptop ini ada 2 slot jadi bisa ditambahin. Untuk spesifikasi lengkapnya bisa dilihat di sini, klik di sini.

Nah laptop ASUS K43TK ini enaknya bisa juga di-Overclock (karena support turbo 2.4 Ghz) atau di-Undervolt biar hemat baterai kalau lagi butuh waktu nyala yang lama. Overclock di laptop ini juga gampang banget, tinggal diklik aja. Udah disediain fasilitasnya sama ASUS dan AMD. Jadi gak perlu takut salah setting. Laptop ini punya prosesor quad core dari AMD juga lho. Jadi nggak usah khawatir buat jalanin aplikasi apapun di laptop ini karena laptop ini tetep kuat buat jalanin aplikasi berat.

Setelah hampir 2 tahun pakai laptop ini, baterainya juga masih awet banget, wear level (tingkat keausan) cuman 6%. Bisa dilihat di tampilan di bawah. Jadi baterainya masih awet banget. Masih tahan sekitar 3-4 Jam.

ASUS Notebook Terbaik dan Favoritku (6)ASUS Notebook Terbaik dan Favoritku (7)ASUS Notebook Terbaik dan Favoritku (11)Kemudahan Overclock dan Undervolt & Tingkat Keausan (Wear Level) Baterai Asus K43TK

4. Desain dan Tampilan ASUS K43TK

Dilihat dari berbagai sisi, Notebook K43TK ini sudah sangat elegan dengan tampilan Glossy dan mengkilap. Dengan desain seperti ini, Laptop K43TK akan tetap ‘wah’ dan tetap terlihat modern walaupun dengan munculnya laptop-laptop baru dengan desain yang baru. Selain menekankan keindahan, desain dan bahan ASUS K43TK ini memperhatikan kenyamanan bagi penggunanya dengan fitur Ice Cool yang mencegah menyebarnya panas dari komponen dalam (processor, dll) ke tempat tangan mengetik yang bisa membuat lebih nyaman untuk digunain.

ASUS Notebook Terbaik dan Favoritku (14) ASUS Notebook Terbaik dan Favoritku (15) ASUS Notebook Terbaik dan Favoritku (13)

Tampilan dan Desain ASUS K43TK

5. Ragam Aplikasi Pekerjaan yang Bisa dijalanin di ASUS K43TK

Saya juga mempunyai hobi fotografi dan videografi, laptop ini kuat banget buat edit foto, animasi, dan render film. Gak ada masalah jalanin aplikasi berbobot seperti ADOBE Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere dan After Effect. Kalau hanya untuk mengetik dan browsing, laptop ini juga ok, karena keyboard-nya yang enak dan empuk buat mengetik.

ASUS Notebook Terbaik dan Favoritku (4) Adobe Illustrator di Asus K43TK


6. Pelayanan ASUS yang Global

Pelayanan ASUS juga mendunia dan global lho. Jadi walaupun kita belinya di negara lain, sewaktu ada masalah, kita bisa hubungi pusat pelayanan (service center) di negara manapun kita berada. Kita bawa laptopnya ke pusat pelayanan dan bisa pakai kartu garansi yang dipindai atau di-scan. Nanti mereka tinggal ngecek serial number laptop kita di sistem mereka dan ngecek apakah masih ada garansinya apa nggak.

Awal-awal waktu saya kuliah S2 di Turki, saya pernah servis bersihin laptop saya karena agak panas, saya telepon kantor resmi ASUS di Istanbul dan mereka bersihin tanpa kena biaya sepeserpun. Jadi dengan garansi yang berlaku di seluruh dunia (worldwide warranty) yang ASUS punya, kita gak perlu khawatir kita ada dimana. Sewaktu saya mau pergi belajar ke negara lain, misalnya waktu saya ke Swedia dan Eropa, saya juga tidak khawatir kalau terjadi apa-apa dengan laptop saya, tinggal hubungi kantor ASUS terdekat yang tersedia di banyak negara yang bisa dicek di situs resmi ASUS.

Apalagi dengan beratnya yang cuman 2 KG lebih sedikit, lumayan ringan dan tidak membuat pundak pegal ketika membawa laptop multimedia sebesar 14 inch dan performa yang lumayan kuat ini.

ASUS Notebook Terbaik dan Favoritku (2)

Tidak Perlu Khawatir buat Ngajak Asus K43TK traveling jauh dari Indonesia dengan pelayanan ASUS yang Global

7. Sisi Hiburan ASUS K43TK

Kalau lagi bosen kerja, dipakai buat aktivitas hiburan seperti main game juga nggak ada masalah. Tinggal install Steam, Origin atau Ubisoft Store, lalu unduh atau beli permainan multiplayer atau atau juga permainan di browser. Notebook ini bisa dipakai buat mainin game keluaran terbaru lho, seperti Assassin Creed 4, NFS Rivals, dll. Atau bisa juga install Android Emulator dan download game gratis kayak Asphalt 8 dan semuanya lancar dan anti lelet. Semua itu berkat kartu grafis dual (crossfire) di ASUS K43TK ini, AMD HD 6520 G + AMD HD 7670 M yang mempunyai kinerja yang tinggi untuk menjalankan permainan yang berat sekalipun.

ASUS Notebook Terbaik dan Favoritku (9)  ASUS Notebook Terbaik dan Favoritku (8)ASUS Notebook Terbaik dan Favoritku (10)

Aplikasi Hiburan dan Permainan, Semuanya bisa dijalanin di Asus K43TK

6. Kesimpulan ASUS K43TK

Jadi ASUS K43TK yang saya punya ini memang oke banget dan sangat worth it. Cocok buat kerja, mengetik, browsing internet, mengerjakan tugas, hiburan untuk bermain game, dan dibawa jalan-jalan dan traveling jauh sekalipun. Nah dari pengalaman pakai ASUS selama lebih dari 10 tahun sampai sekarang, saya gak akan pindah ke merk yang lain. Saya percaya ASUS dari dulu dan sampai sekarang karena memang kualitasnya yang nomor 1 dan gak ada duanya. Terkadang teman saya juga minta saran buat merk laptop apa yang bagus untuk dibeli, saya akan rekomendasiin ASUS sebagai Notebook Terbaik dan Favoritku.

ASUS Notebook Terbaik dan Favoritku (12)

This is my first article in the review section, which is reviewing the use of my old android phone and its apps. My old android phone is Nexian Journey in Indonesia, in US and other parts of the world, it is known as Commtiva Z1/Boston/Motorola XT502 since they share the same model and specs. I will use some of very technical terms, such as rooting, brick, etc. Just make sure you know the meaning of them. Easy, just google them! :D. If you think you are tech nerds or gamers and have android phones, you might find this article interesting. Actually, it’s for everyone that have android phones. In this article, I will not recommend you to convert your old android device to any ordinary use, such as plug it with earphone to listen to the music or browsing through webbrowser or alarm clock or picture frame or GPS. The list could go on and on. But, this is about converting your old phone to become more valuable device. Just read this until the end and you’ll know how precious your old android could be!

When I said an old android phone, I’m really mean it, the really old android device. So, my Nexian phone is almost 4 years old at the time I’m writing this blog (2014). It was one of the first Android devices in the market that I got by winning a writing and photography competition, Aku Cinta Indonesia by in 2010. Android was really hyped up since that time in Indonesia. That phone has a really somewhat cool specifications at the time it was made. 600 Mhz single processor, 256 MB of RAM, 180 MB of internal storage, 5 MP camera. Moreover, I got that phone for free. :D. But now? Hmm. The latest specs were quad core with more than 2Ghz. So, it’s really outdated. Since I got that phone without costing me a single penny, the first time I did was exploring the android. Well, it’s the nature of me that I exploring, rooting (get the administrator authentication of device so you can do almost anything, similar to jailbreaking in iphone), maximizing the use of it by myself. I just want to know and learn it. If something goes wrong, for example: got bricked out (blank monitor when turned on), it’s still considered as something to learn. :). The first device that got bricked by my curiosity was my PSP, when experimenting and trying to install a custom firmware, which cost me IDR 900.000 to repair it. Since then, I’m so careful when experimenting with any devices I have. I guarantee you that this Nexian is never broken or bricked.

Actually, I’m really wanted to change my phone to the newer ones, since it is outdated. Before I got this phone, I have (and still using it until now) Nokia E71. I’m still satisfied with that almost 5 years old E71. Well, whenever I have strong relation to a device, I will use it for a long time since I’m a functional type of guy! :D. Whenever I got something that still working very well, no need to change to the newer ones. :D. Therefore, I’ve decided not to get rid that phone off.

So, let’s begin my stories with my Nexian. The first years I got my hand with that phone was learning the android OS. Since it’s pretty similar to Linux, I can get used to the ADB command prompt, etc pretty fast. So, you can use your linux skill in the most android phones.

First thing first: Root, Install a Custom ROM, and Overclock It!

Rooting the phone was also one of the most important things to do with your Android device. By rooting your android, you can do whatever you want with it since you got super administrator access of the phone. You can overclock the phone, install custom OS or install any applications in your android. Just google them and you’ll find plenty sources to root any type of android phones. So, if you have any old android phone that have no more warranty, you MUST root that phone. It’s nothing to lose! Android is easier to root and harder to get bricked than any other devices if you root it correctly. But, I’m NOT responsible if you brick yours! Do at your own Risk! :D. After you root the phone, install a custom ROM. You can try CyanogenMOD, or other ROMs. I’m installing my Nexian with CyanogenMOD and overclock my phone to 800 MHz. So, I can also install any type of applications, faster and more flexible in using it. By doing this first step, you can maximize the use of your phone. Since this article is talking about my Nexian, I can, for example, install a game that has a good graphic, such as NFS shift, etc. So, this is the first of the best use of an old android phones.


^ By overclocking my phone from 600 Mhz to 800 Mhz, I can now playing games like NFS shift. Don’t worry, you can also install flappy bird in that phone. 😀

The next parts will maximize the touch and accelerometer in the Android device and connect it with your laptop.

(Optional) Install Connectify or Use Any Network Enabler

This step is optional. Since we will connect the phone to the laptop, we will need a router or a WIFI connection. If you have them, you’re not gonna need to do this. But, by doing this, it can make the communication between your phone and your laptop faster. Since the connection will be your laptop – your android device, instead of your laptop – router – your android device. If you’re a mac user, you can just create a dedicated wifi connection. If you are a windows user, you can just install connectify. Or, you can also tether and enable a portable hotspot. Most of Android phones also have bluetooth connection. However, it’s not really that many available apps using this kind of connectivity. WIFI is much preferable.

After you have a connection between your laptop and your android device, the next part will talk about the other best use of old android devices.

Use it as a Wireless Device to Control your laptop

You can use your android device as a wireless device to control your laptop. For example, you can use it as a wireless mouse and keyboard or a secondary or duplicated screen with Teamviewer app or even as a wireless gamepad to play games! I’m using my Nexian to do all of these stuffs. The easiest is to use as a wireless mouse and keyboard, so, you don’t have to buy an extra of them. You can also do a presentation with wireless control. It’s pretty useful. There are numerous, rather than many, applications in google play that you can try to do this. For example, I’m using Advanced Touchpad that can convert my nexian into wireless mouse and keyboard. You can also control the slideshow through the phone. This is very useful for students that doing presentation sessions.


^ I can control my pc by my thumb

The other wireless devices that an old android can be used are: wireless music device, wireless security camera, etc. Just explore the wide range of available cool apps in Google Play. The next part is what I’m really love to use my old phone, which maximizing the accelerometer, Wireless Steering Wheel.

Use it as a Wireless Steering Wheel for your PC Racing Games

Yeaaah, wireless steering wheel! This is another good use of my Nexian since I love to play racing games. I know 2 apps that can be used as a wireless steering wheel for PC games: Tilt Racer and JD SimWheel. The first one is paid app, while the other is free. You can just install the either of that app. You cannot use/install both apps in your laptop since it will create driver conflict for your pc since them both are using the same virtual joystick driver. JD SimWheel is a free app but only available in US/UK google play market. Well, another use of a rooted android is you can install a VPN app that you can modify your location to other country in order to download country-restricted-apps. I changed my Nexian into US location in order to install JD SimWheel. Here is the screenshot of NFS Shift 2 Unleashed used with Tilt Racer App. It’s pretty cool!! Isn’t it? I’ve tried also with the F1 2013 game. It works pretty well! The type of games that I would like to try are the racing simulation game that require precise controls.

So, you don’t have to buy wireless steering wheel to play any racing games. It can save you approx US$100 (the wireless steering wheel for xbox360 could cost you US$150). Instead, you can just use your old android device.

Here’s the video:

100320141425 100320141424 100320141423 100320141422

^ Do you notice that the steering in the game moving the same degree of my phone?

So, have a thought of selling it? Think again since they can be used for other great uses! Just explore and don’t hesitate to mess them up. :D. But, it’s all up to you if you want to sell or recycle or even donate it. You can do whatever you want with it. :).

You can start any business anytime, when you are very young or even old. There is no word of too early or too late in doing a business. A willing to start/do business or simply entrepreneurship ideal is important to have these days. To survive, to earn money or even to show off *maybe. :D. It’s also important so that we can create a new job market instead of depend on the availability of them. Be a boss of ourself is better, right? :D. In my opinion, when starting a business, you don’t have to know very depth about business itself. Once you see an opportunity, it’s the time to make a move. When it comes to do a business, actually I’m just learning by doing in the real life. As long as there are benefits, I’ll just do it! :D. I have no formal specific education background in Business. However, in my first semester of my master degree in Turkey, I’ve had a course of Introduction to the Business Administration once. The other courses are focusing on management and ICT/IS (Information Communication and Technology/Information Systems) since my major was (Business) Information Systems. So, honestly, my knowledge in business theory is somehow superficial and shallow. But, in this post, I’d like to tell my story about doing a business when I was a student.

Previously, when I was in a high school or earlier, I never had a business of my own or never even to think to have one. When I was doing my bachelor degree, I was once having joint venture with my friends in the restaurant. But, it didn’t go well since neither of us focused doing it. But monetize your skill or make your hobby a business could also be considered as entrepreneurship, you know?! Well, in my point of view, it is. Besides studying my bachelor degree (Library and Information Science), I was also have interests in photography and graphic design that made me learn it further. After learning further about it, I was able to monetize my skill in photography and graphic design to do some freelance photographer and a part time in the public relation division in my faculty. You can read further about this in my previous article about graphic design. As a freelance photographer, my customers were mostly my friends. Well, I can earn some money and experiences from those activities.

After I finished my bachelor and started lecturing in UI (University of Indonesia), me and other lecturers (Mr. Taufik and Mr. Arie) have started a consultant company in ICT/IT/IS and the information management field (it was called InfoSolusi UI). At that time, it was very success that we were involved in many projects. Our clients were some Government and Public Institutions. So, I know how tricky it was to work with the government Institutions in Indonesia. Trust me! I know so much dirty tricks, bribing, etc. :D. If you have strong ideal, it can irritates your mind! But, my rule is simple, I just take what I deserve to get. Don’t be so greed. Everyone will have their fortune that have been decided by the God (Allah). Since our consultant company have similar name with UI (University of Indonesia), there was dispute in the name. Therefore we didn’t use it anymore. But the business is still running until now. Nowadays, if there is an ICT/IS project, we use the other company’s flag to get the name (by sharing the profits). When I was in Indonesia months before, I was still involved in some projects about it.

In Turkey, as a master student, I’m still monetizing my photography and graphic design skills. Sometimes I help one of the attaché in the Embassy of Indonesia in Turkey to design presentation, to make posters about events, to be photographer in specific events. It really pays out the bills. Even though I already got a stipend from a scholarship. :D.

I know a friend of mine, named Dicky. He is one of PhD student in Ankara. He knows how to massage. So, whenever important guests are coming, he is the one that will be called out to massage them. It can give him a link to important people. Just by knowing how to massage!

Another story, when I went back to Indonesia from Turkey for the summer break, usually my Indonesian friends asked me to bring some Indonesian Cigars since they are cheaper and most of them said they have better quality than the Turkish ones. Well, actually, I really hate anything about cigars. But, since they are asking for it, I just did bring some from Indonesia to Turkey. There was the time when my Turkish friends saw me holding Indonesian cigars and would like to try one. You know what, they started to get ‘addicted’ to it and asking for more. Since I bought so many packets when I was in Indonesia for only 2,5 TL (IDR 15000), then I sold it at 5 TL (IDR 30.000) to them. Double profits! :D. In turkey, a packet of cigarettes could cost around 6-8 TL. But I don’t know, sometimes it disturbs me because I’m selling the things that I don’t even like. Doesn’t it mean I’m supporting the smoking thing? However, these items having limited amounts. So, I just sold the small number of those killer things. Until now, I’m still selling some items that having great value, such as laptop table, etc. The profits is enough to make my wallet full of cash. :D.

So, from the stories above, what I want to tell you is that, we can start business in anytime or even monetize our skills. You can make your hobby as your business as long as you like to do it. It doesn’t mean that you have to work or start business in the field of your formal study. When you have some skills outside of your formal background, it could help you to earn some experiences and money. So, all you have to do is always learning (including your interests), after that show your skill to others to let them know and start to monetize from it. You have to grow your entrepreneurship ideal within yourself! But, beware, when you are a student, you have an obligation and objective to finish your study. Don’t let those profits and money make you less-committed to those main goals! Because I’m also know some of my friends that got dropped out just because focusing too much from it. It’s better if you can balance them.

When I was in Kiruna, my main goal was just to see auroras. Since auroras appear mostly in the nighttime, I had free time in the daytime. The daytime was not so much though since the sun rose at 8 a.m. and set at 3 p.m.. Actually, there are plenty other things you can do there in the daytime, from Dog Sledding (with Husky), doing winter sports (There is a ski resort you can visit), to visiting Ice Hotel. Hmm, did I say plenty? It seems only 3 important things! :D. But the ‘other’ things are sight seeing or hiking. It’s all up to you! :D. For the dog sledding, even though it could create unique experiences, it’s just out of my price range, since it costs 700 SEK per person (IDR 1.2 M). Not cheap, isn’t it? For the winter sports, since I don’t have any equipment that could also be pretty expensive, it was not even a bit in my mind of doing it. Besides, I can do winter sports in Turkey for a cheaper price.

So, my only option was going to the Ice Hotel. Ice Hotel is actually not cheap. For sight seeing only, it costs you 200 SEK. Even I didn’t think to go there at the first place. You know, financial reason. :D. But trust me, going to the Ice Hotel creates “OMG! (Oh My God!)” experience for me. It’s very…. OMG!

We went to the Ice Hotel from our (ordinary) hotel at around 11 a.m. Ice Hotel is located bit far from the city of Kiruna. Using the public bus, it took around 30 minutes from the city center to reach that place. The transportation in Kiruna is much cheaper compared to Stockholm and other cities in Sweden. It costs 15 SEK, that you can use for round trip bus. I took some photos in the middle of the trip.



When I was there, it was very cold that we went directly to the gift store. But, we also took some photos before. Here we are in front of the Ice Hotel. It’s so Icy. So Wow. *Doge meme.


So, the ticket price was 200 SEK. Actually, we met some Croatian guys who said every price in Sweden is unbelievably expensive, including the ice hotel. I was never thinking to buy the ticket anyway. For the ticket buyers, they will get a sticker to be put at their clothes, mostly at the sleeve. So, the idea just came into my mind that we share the ticket price but exchange the sticker, since we only got one sticker. *evil idea. :D. At that time, my friends Nina, Aftri and Rafif have bought the ticket each for themselves. Since Me and Anwari didn’t think to buy the ticket, we stayed in the gift store. I want to tell the secret: we found an unused sticker in the floor! :D. So, what we did were taking that sticker and pretending that we have bought the sticker. :D. Since we only found 1 sticker, I was exchanging the sticker with Anwari. Anwari going inside the ice hotel first while I waiting outside.

The sticker:


After this, the OMG! experiences started to happen in Ice Hotel.

While Anwari going inside the ice hotel, I was sightseeing for gifts in the gift store. I was holding my camera, which attached to the tripod in my hand. My fault that I was holding the tripod, not the body of my camera. I trusted that the tripod would hold the camera pretty well. But I was wrong! The tripod, that I bought for only 20 TL in Turkey (IDR 100.000) couldn’t hold the camera firmly. As the result, it was fallen off the floor. And my reaction was stood still, couldn’t move my body and started to stare at the floor of the broken lens. Yeah, the lens was broken! In my mind, OMG! what have I done? I was thinking that I could go back in milliseconds before that happened. But, it was too late! Too f****n late! I started to pick my camera and lens to see it’s still working well. No, the thing that holding the lens with the body of my slr was broken that it couldn’t fit. So, I was full of regret at that time. Maybe God Allah punishes me, instead of purchasing the ticket, I have to pay for the camera service cost.

Then, after my friend finished sightseeing in the ice hotel, I told them of what happened. Yeah, I could see their empathy. It cheers me up a bit. But, still, couldn’t do nothing about it. So, I was lent with Nina’s camera to go inside to take photos, with the sticker that Me and Anwari found. :D.

When I was inside, I got restless mind with my broken lens. All I think was my broken lens. So, when I entered the Ice Hotel, I said to myself “OMG!!!! My precious lens is broken!” and then I moved to all the rooms and taking photographs, it creates impressions: “OMG! What have I done with my camera?” All about my camera! So, that’s all stories about Ice Hotel. It’s so OMG!!

Some serious ice carvings in the Ice Hotel: They are so OMG! (My cameraa!!!!)


P.S.: I was using rubber band in the hood of the lens to hold it back when I reached the hotel. The lens is still working, but it can’t just holding itself to the body of my camera. Until now, I’m still keeping the sticker of the entrance of Ice Hotel in my laptop charger. 😀


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