Progesterone, a component of birth control pills, has been shown to improve the neurological outcome for patients with severe head injuries according to The Journal of Critical Care.

Scientist in many parts of the world are looking towards stem cells to help repair brain damage.

MRI scans used to measure the volume of the brains of alcoholics has shown hopeful evidence that brain volume showed an increase of 2% in size, 38 days after stopping the intake of alcohol.

Doctors warn that Bariatric surgery (shortening of the intestines to prevent obesity) can result in Wernicke’s Encephalopathy, which is caused by a thiamine’s deficiency or lack of Vitamin B1. Patients were urged that if they showed symptoms of confusion or poor coordination to seek immediate help and get injections of thiamine as early as possible.

Several recent studies suggest that some types of cocoa contain substances that could enhance blood flow in the brain and improve brain function.



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