I hate it when people shouting their voice out loud like they knew anything about it. Not that I don’t like differences, I do love people with different view. I’ve live in a country that taught me so. But, I don’t like people who think they do know everything like they were there from the very beginning. Then again, I’ll blog it so that we can understand each other.

1 There is a point why it should be called GNU/Linux.

Linux was a kernel written by Linus Torvalds in 90s. It became popular because Linus made it compiled with GCC (GNU C Collection). Since then, it grew into something cool and that just it. It still needs GNU framework to continue. It needs the GNU toolchain and so on to properly reboot. So, at this point some would say: “Oh, it’s just a compiler” or “Damn, right, it should be called GNU system”.

No, that’s not the point.

What we would see is there was two different viewpoint on that OS stack. It’s about the idealistic and the pragmatic one. Stallman is the guy who believes in promoting freedom in every aspect of software. You are free to modify, get source, and even sell it to another guy whom also share the same freedom as you. While Torvalds is the kind of guy who would see the world as it is and trying to coop with it with reasonable balance.

These two viewpoints are distant from each other and the freeloader tend to select the pragmatic. I think that’s probably okay. But, there is a catch that we need to ensure, that is that to let everyone knows that there is an idealistic part too. The “GNU” part is the thing to mark their idea.

The idealistic is trying to sound their words about free software and freedom. They believe in anything freedom and in society which people could gain and contribute back. This is sounds like socialism and many thinks that socialism is a bad thing like commie. But, it isn’t! This is like socialism but they encourage individual also.

Well, take a look around and see how capitalism had failed the economy. The swollen countries like US and Greece are examples of how capitalism got them. See how China grow a lot in these recent years. See how even US now have their hand on medical bill. Even now, people are not shy away from open standards.

This is what free software want to achieve:

To have open standard that everyone can do everything that she wants to.

2 That’s the reason of why Mozilla won’t support H.264

I’m always thinking, why don’t Ubuntu ship their distro with US and non-US version? I mean, why can’t I play the DVD that I bought? Why can’t I play the song that I rip from MY own CD? Why can’t I have my smooth font?

Then again, I think: so, what is this socialism about?

This is to remind people that there are some that don’t have the privilege as you do. There are things that bad that made you illegal to do something with your ways. Of course, some of us cheap bastards that bittorrenting things won’t get it. But, what about those who really want to do things legal?

Is it false to do something right? Why would we be punished when we doing virtue?

That’s because the industry had select the closed technology where you can’t have the content you bought withouth special players. Which sadly to say, that’s exclusivism. There will be people who won’t be able to participate because of the content which they afford to have is not playable using the method they have.

H.264 is a close standard which right now is going on trial version. In months to come, we would be charged to have this as our content format. Which means, there would be people that will be banned from experiencing the whole Internet. Which of course, a backslash to the idea of the Internet itself which to promote openness.

3 That’s what makes Apple move is a cute one

The way now Apple is on HTML5 thing is a way to prove that open standard is not for a hobbyist anymore. It has plausible strength which can withstand people doubt. With many people encouraging the idea of it, it could fill the thing that the proprietary can do. Plus, it can be optimized into another idea. Who knows.

I mean, look at the RIA hype. People wouldn’t even consider to move their business processes via web technology. But, thanks to the Eclipse technology (another yet open source technology) we can have a wonderful things. Thanks to the web services that open to everyone to study, we can have many wonderful technologies, including the OpenID, Amazon EC2, etc.

4 That’s why we need people to promote freedom.

Share and contribute. May the source be with you.