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Updating Status

Updating Status

Just trying to update with a post. I have so many things wrapped up, but I don’t have enough time to blog.

What’s new?

Ubuntu Rock! Seriously, this is the first LTS that don’t sucks on beta and I think it would later on update. Btw, Maverick Meerkat is the next Ubuntu.

SongBird dropping support on GNU/Linux! What a sad story. This iTunes replacement only support Win and Mac, just like iTunes. So, what’s it special anymore?

Lexmark silently support GNU/Linux systems! They even put GNU/Linux logo on their printer!

AMD releasing support for OpenGL 3.3 and OpenGL 4.0 on GNU/Linux with their latest 10.3 driver. Waiting for a professional game here on GNU/Linux.

NVIDIA dropping support for nv driver for their next gen GPU. FYI, nv is that ancient NVIDIA driver that can only doing 2D stuffs. They suggest us to use VESA and download their proprietary driver instead. Well, since Noveau is out there, I think this is a nothing to lose situation.

Yeah, all of them are on Phoronix, except the Ubuntu. It’s on my PC. 😀

Why We Must Study HCI

Why We Must Study HCI

An interesting post on by [OKTO] rattled my boredom. Out of it, born this rant post which is not to bash anyone but to share a study. May the openness of this knowledge would lead us to a better understanding of why now every major FOSS has their own Usability Guidelines. May from this entry we would understand that FOSS is not about software but also leveraging ideas and share it to the entire humanity; that through FOSS runs also knowledge of other fields.

Let’s we starts with these three pictures:


Those are three international portals and these are the three of our lovely Indonesian portals:


Whoops, looks like a portal broke my Chromium browser. Hmm, switching into Opera browser and disable Flash functionality:

Disable flash 

There goes all of your ads.

Disabled flash


[OKTO]  Silaban, Okto. Astaga.com Reborn..! http://okto.silaban.net/2009/10/linux/astaga-com-reborn/

[BBC]  http://bbc.co.uk/

[ANA]  http://anandtech.com/

[ARS] http://arstechnica.com/

[AST] http://astaga.com/

[KMP] http://kompas.com/

[DTK] http://detik.com/


My old blog. Another rant. http://jpmrblood.blogspot.com/2009/01/seriously-guys.html

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