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Android AP dan Kubuntu

Android AP dan Kubuntu


Pilih Modus Ad Hoc.


Saya memakai Barnacle Wifi Tether. Untuk dapat digunakan oleh Kubuntu, caranya berikut:

  1. Klik ikon Network Management dan pilih Manage Connections
  2. Pilih koneksi yang ada atau tambah. Pokoknya pilih AP Android. Lalu pilih Sunting (Edit).
  3. Pada tab Wireless, di bagian Mode pilih “Ad hoc” (bakunya infrastruktur)
  4. Pilih OK dan suah siap digunakan.
DVD Just Fine

DVD Just Fine

I can watch my original DVD “U2” “go Home” using libdvdread4. The package have a script that would instal libdvdcss2 into the system. To have it:

$ sudo apt-get install libdvdread4
$ sudo /usr/share/doc/libdvdread4/install-css.sh

And it would download all of the non-free debs. I hate it when I am using non-free blobs, but what I hate the most is I can’t play my own ORIGINAL DVD. Gah! Hail to the greed of liberalism!

Anyway, it seems that the DVD aged, so I guess now I need to create a backup copy. K3B rocks! It reads scramble DVD just fine. 😀

Another story with my Lucid, I just find out that Twitter revamped their site. I know this is outdated info, but since I am busy I haven’t realized it. I’m using Choqok to see all the post.

It seems that Choqok doesn’t have any capability for seeing friend request. I must go to the site to do the job. Anyway, google-chrome failed at accepting friends. It always failed when I pressed the “Accept” button. Fortunately, my Konqueror can do the job. Yay! All hail to the almighty ancient browser. 😀

Oh, btw, I’m using Kubuntu.