Because of the UI disaster, I’ve just now got the time to blog and blogwalking. Harry Sufehmi had given a shocking news on 24th Feb about IISA’s complain on IGOS movement (Indonesia Goes Open Source). Well, for those of you that actually read the document, you could see that the government recommendation is not the real issue, but it’s about the piracy movie industry. The recommendation is not that an issue.Right now I’m not capable to search deeper about the issue. But, from the document attached, it seems that about the MenPAN issuing recommendation letter about using FOSS can be solved by taking the recommendation letter. But, I agree with Harry Sufehmi, this is totally a false accusation. From my observation, all of the pirated CD/DVD here in Indonesia is from oversea.I’m not competent in legal field. Hello, friends from Law Faculty, please voice your voice. But, I can show you how other country promotes FOSS.The most prominent FOSS leader is European Union. How they promote FOSS, but can get away from accusation?The key is about market is limited to FOSS software only that making Microsoft US software company can’t play well. Different than Indonesia that only recommended the FOSS software, EU strictly enforce Open Standards to all of their government projects. That’s why Microsoft push a big effort to get OOXML an ISO standard.Why can they push open standard? Well, the reason is clear: to promote interopability.Ah, I’m very pissed off right now and can’t make better judgement. I’m pissed how our country can be dictated easily. Look how Brazillian government can promote Free/Open Source Software. I’m very pissed! So, before this blog entry becoming a flame war and unproductive, I’d rather stop now and will considering on writing better blog entry.This makes me want to use FOSS even more.Reference: