My Ubuntu Lucid now running well. I use KDE plasma-netbook and looking great and stable. KRunner occasionally crashed, but it’s acceptable because of Alpha version. But, all-in-all, my computer is rocking solid:

$ uptime
12:15:10 up 2 days, 22:48,  2 users,  load average: 0.38, 0.51, 0.36

FYI, last quarter of 2009 is  a bad year for ATi cards because of the migration from DRM to DRM2 (MESA) which introduce the new architecture: Gallium3D. My poor Debian is not in the right state right now because of the legal issue that made Debian stripped away all the (working) firmware. Fortunately, kernel 2.6.33 would be the comeback of ATi cards and hopefully will be able to get my Debian workstation well. In the meantime, hello Ubuntu! 😀

An interesting note about Debian is that GRUB 2 had given some love and now using graphical menu selector. It was something from GSOC 2008, but it wasn’t implemented because of the font legal issue. Now it’s on Debian Experimental, given that Lucid still synchronizing from Debian, it is a matter of time before Ubuntu got that one too. If you want more, you could give BURG, a GRUB pretified version, a try.

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