Audacious is the most XMMS-like player. Meaning, it supports what XMMS 10+ years ago capable of: visualization and sound enhancements. Those are what modern GNU/Linux music player lack of.

Unfortunately, Audacious 2.3 dropped support for Last.FM and in these few days I have none scrobbled to my account. From digging the site, I have found the solution, which require to compile [LFM] or just download [UBF]. I prefer to compile. Last, this is not my original work and the original poster (togdon)  is the most credited. This post is for archiving.

Compile method

$ sudo apt-get build-dep  audacious-plugins

$ sudo aptitude install libcurl4-dev

$ wget <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>

$ tar -zxvf audacious-plugins-2.2.tgz

$ cd audacious-plugins-2.2

$ ./configure --enable-dependency-tracking  --disable-esd  --disable-pulse   --disable-coreaudio  --disable-icecast  --disable-dockalbumart   --disable-altivec  --disable-sse2  --disable-mp3  --disable-libmadtest   --disable-rocklight  --disable-lirc  --disable-evdevplug   --disable-hotkey  --disable-gnomeshortcuts  --disable-statusicon   --disable-aosd  --disable-aosd-xcomp  --disable-adplug  --disable-vorbis   --disable-flacng  --disable-libFLACtest  --disable-wavpack   --disable-aac  --disable-sndfile  --disable-modplug  --disable-ffaudio   --disable-jack  --disable-sid  --disable-oss  --disable-oss4   --disable-alsa  --disable-amidiplug  --disable-amidiplug-alsa   --disable-amidiplug-flsyn  --disable-amidiplug-dummy  --disable-cdaudio   --disable-streambrowser  --enable-scrobbler  --enable-lastfm   --disable-neon  --disable-mms  --disable-mtp_up  --disable-bluetooth   --disable-paranormal  --disable-xspf  --disable-xmltest  --disable-cue   --disable-projectm  --disable-projectm-1.0  --disable-filewriter   --disable-filewriter_mp3  --disable-filewriter_vorbis   --disable-filewriter_flac  --disable-bs2b

$ cd src/scrobbler/

$ make

$ sudo make install

$ cd ../lastfm/

$ make

$ sudo make install

Well, it surely stable enough for me.

Not compiling

Just go to [UBF]  and read it. Basically, it suggests to download the binaries.


[LFM]  Togdon.