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Pencurian Identitas Digital Akun UI
Mancing Mania!

Pencurian Identitas Digital Akun UI

A disguised Webmail UI site.

A disguised Webmail UI site.

Nampaknya pengguna akun Universitas Indonesia sedang diincar oleh para penipu digital. Mereka menyalin situs Webmail UI dan kemudian menaruhnya di sebuah peladen lain dengan kode yang sedikit diubah.

Real Webmail UI site

Real Webmail UI site

Sekilas, jika dibandingkan dengan situs Webmail UI yang asli, nampak serupa. Blok peringatan yang kedua baru saja saya tambahkan untuk memperingati pengguna Webmail UI. Kecuali blok merah tersebut, semua nampak sama.

Ya, modus penipuan ini sebenarnya gampang. Dia cukup mengunduh seluruh halaman Webmail UI. Misalnya, kalau di Firefox tinggal Save As –> Webpage Complete. Kemudian, mereka mengubah bagian pengisian Username dan Password untuk mengirimkannya ke alamat lain.

Pada kasus Webmail UI, halaman yang asli akan mengirim kepada sebuah mesin webmail:

<form action="https://webmail.ui.ac.id/squirrel/src/redirect.php" method="post" name="login_form">

sedangkan yang palsu akan mengirim ke peladen lokal:

<form action="ui.php" method="post" name="login_form">

Hmm… pantas saja akhir-akhir ini ada banyak “aktivitas” di peladen UI. Nampaknya mereka sedang mengincar UI. Duh, berani-beraninya menjelang Natal dan Tahun Baru. Ya, Tuhan, ajar saya untuk tak membalas dendam ala 4Ch.

Untuk para pengguna UI, mohon berhati-hatilah dan pastikan bahwa URL yang sedang Anda akses adalah benar dari UI.

Fixing WordPress Network Admin on 3.1.x

Fixing WordPress Network Admin on 3.1.x

Having upgraded from WPMU, there were problems since our blog, MHS Blog and Staff Blog, jumped to 3.x series. The biggest problem is when we jumped into 3.1. The Network Admin is no longer accessible. It always redirects us to “/wp-admin/network/” not “/admin/wp-admin/network/” even when we tried to set the address manually.

A temporary fix was to set “PATH_CURRENT_SITE” from “/” to “/admin/”. That could only enabling the Network Admin. But, all of the other user blogs became unaccessible.  So, I have to set back and forth just to switch to maintenance mode or operational.

The real solution however is to set your admin blog (usually blog id “1”) to “/”. Apparently, the problem was because the Network Admin section searched for “/” path. While, we the relic from WPMU uses “/admin/” path in our main blog.

So, in wp_blogs  table, we change the path of blogid 1 from “/admin/” to “/”. It works.

Btw, thx char101 for the solution. 🙂

Debunking Myth: Lives of UI Admin

Debunking Myth: Lives of UI Admin


Every now and then mere mortals tend to think we are some old guys with irresponsible attitude. They would think that we are the one that doing day to day job. They would felt a giant walls when trying to communicate.

We are even depicted as evil grand immortals that grinding from darkness, as one of Blizzard personnel said out of fear:[1]

How could you kill a man without no life?

With the instilled fear, we are often subjected to fear. It took courtesy to be human-like from us. People used to think we are demi-gods. Through this article I would assess every myth that made us looks like a feared, untouched being.

We are working as we sleep

Admin working as we dreaming

Admin works as we dreaming

Imagine if we took down some proxies and upgrade them in, let’s say,  12 o’clock. You, facebookers, would spit us in the face. I imagine if we took down a machine or two where mortals awaken. They would scream and begged, “O, great admins, thou presence is thy grace. Out of angst instill our hope in thy.”

We took time in the night to have jobs done. That’s why you would often have a mislead into thinking that we don’t rest. That we don’t have a dream. That we are engulfed with our world and severe our mortal bodies. Often we are thought as beings that works at daylight and a nocturnal also. Some said that we are “manusia siang-malam”.

That fear also happens when mere mortals often mail us at two o’clock in the morning and hope for their response. They get what they want. And that’s frightening for some, because they would in awe of the awesomeness of our response. In that fear, they would say that we are not a normal being because we don’t sleep.

That’s a false. We too have a place to sleep. We too took our time to close our eyes. To have dreams and enjoy ourselves in it.

We also try to blend in social beings

We do socialize

We do socialize

We also take pride in blend in. Like Dexter father used to say in Session 1, “Dexter, you’ve got to blend in.” We too blend in in the society. We are a group of diverse people, with multi cultural and gender. We don’t discriminate though the fact that we are über being born with great power.

There are times when mortals would seek audience with us and take our name as “Pak”, “Mas”, or any specific label toward men. Though we are one, there are many in us. We took form also in women. So, addressing gender specific to us is a prejudice you, mere mortals, tend to do.

You see, we too take our time hanging around in coffee shop. Took time to know mere beings and seeing their frailty. We also helped through the hands of Faculty admins. We spoke each other casually like other beings.

We too have affection


Admin criterion

We too have affection towards other. Like mere mortals, we have criterion for our mates. We too don’t want bad apple. Could you spend the rest of your life with someone who totally incompatible?

No, just like you, mere mortals, we take decision carefully. We have our enjoyment of having the right person. Our time is unlimited, as we are deemed to have no lives; how could you be dead if no lives in you?

We have our ideal person

We too have love

We too have love

That’s why we too have our type of someone we like. Like a saying, “there is a fetish for every part of body,” we have many ideal person as our companion. We don’t discriminate, as long as the person reliable and scalable, we don’t see any preference.

I guess because of the experience from long ago that some of us may want to have a specific person. But, that’s personal as we are one, we are also diverse.


We have loves, we have criterion, we are tolerable, and we too have time to sleep. Thus, we, Admin UI, are normal.



  1. SouthPark, eps. 1008. Make Love, Not Warcraft. 2006. ^
A Little Love For Blog Staff

A Little Love For Blog Staff

Setelah melalui perjuangan yang hebat, blog staff ini diberkahi:

  • Satu lagi metode anti spam: Peter’s Math Anti-spam.
  • Widget untuk twitter.

Cara Pengaktifan

Untuk Peter’s Math Anti-spam, silahkan non-aktifkan terlebih dahulu anti-spam yang lain (termasuk Peter’s Custom Word Anti-spam) pada laman “Plugin”. Lalu, kemudian aktifkan plugin ini.

Widget untuk twitter dapat dilakukan dengan mengaktifkannya terlebih dahulu pada laman “Plugin”. Lalu, silahkan ke Presentation -> Widget dan seret ke halaman samping (sidebar). Klik widget tersebut untuk mengubah sesuai dengan username Anda.

Ugh, andai ada yang bisa PHP di sini yang sedang tidak sibuk…. (Yeah, suatu utopia) 😀

Apa lagi kira-kira yang bisa dipakai untuk memperkaya blog ini?

Insider Info

Insider Info

This is an unofficial/opinion/subjective info about what happens in the past few days in UI. This info is taken for granted and not in liability for any legal matter. In other words, let’s just say this is for the curious. This is a post for friends out there wondering.

Wednesday, 24th Feb 2010 about 15.40 WIT, central UPS that runs electricity for Computer Science faculty and Universitas Indonesia’s Data Center. This renders the Data Center disabled and crippling all of the IT services. The central UPS have 7 fuses that get burned.It would be easier to just bypass all of the servers electricity into PLN. But, the jitter and random shut down from PLN would likely risk our data. It would be dangerous to have data corruption than to have the service up easily. So, we decided not to run high priority servers from that power source.

Fortunately, we have a backup UPS that can bring some of the servers up. The backup UPS only have about 5 kVA, while the central UPS have 150 kVA. We must select which must go up and which must remain in waiting for reliable source. So, on that day, we can only started few servers. Many, including Kambing, must wait for the real backup.

One problem is that backup UPS is on another room, we had to pull cable extension. Thus, wires made the server room like spider web. Every time we walked, we had to watch our step. Few kVA can get us to heaven. Kudos to all people that had setup the cable fast.

On Thursday, we decided to put some server up by using PLN. Now, deciding which is the server that have less severity if data lost is hard. We all know that every information system hosted is important. But, bravely enough, and a big faith to God, we decided to up few systems. Unfortunately, Kambing is a little storage farm, so to bring it up is out of the question.

Because this is a blog post, I would like to share about the people. We are very much in a pinch. In this desperation, we still make some calls and even few people had to camp in campus just to make sure it works. But, I’m very proud of my co-workers, including my superior, that still in the campus just to troubleshooting. He was not just watching, but he also on the field taken care of what he could done. After some phone calls bugging the vendor, we have a solution to temporary rent a UPS. It was scheduled to be available on Sunday, yesterday. I didn’t attend yesterday because I had to attend sunday service. Afterall, faith is the one that put this heart firm. 😛

The problem was to put all the bypass systems, the one that had their electricity from PLN directly. So, my friends shutted some servers down and put them on the right power plant. FYI, we had to plug off the cable from each server and put them up one by one. We also must attained 60% from regulator so that it would not overloaded. Gah, I’m not that into hardware thing, so I don’t really get it. What I do know, we have so many servers.On that day, my friends managed to bring services up, including Kambing. Unfortunately, due to the nature of high load in Kambing, the server had corrupted parts. So, we (Adin, you’re the man! :D) are now on the way to recover Kambing.

Oh, well, c’est la vie. This disaster does gives me some insight on life:

There is nothing certain than uncertainty itself. But, when sh*t happens, we have reliable friends.

Thank you. (Yeah, all of you, including staffs, students, and others that understand the circumstances and still entrust us. Those encouragement matters)

Penataran Blog Staff UI

Penataran Blog Staff UI

Blog staff Universitas Indonesia telah mengalami perubahan yang berarti.Daftar perubahan:

  • Pindah server ke server hamster, lebih bertenaga. (Thx to: Adin & Koben)
  • Menutup beberapa celah keamanan
  • RSS feed untuk Entries dan Comments benar-benar untuk agregasi seluruh blog staff UI. Jadi, setiap entri terbaru bisa diikuti seperti Planet. Perubahan ini didokumentasikan di “Cara Menggunakan Blog UI
  • Membuang widget-widget yang tidak perlu sehingga terlihat lebih lapang dan sederhana.
  • Mengganti sementara agregasi entri blog dengan menggunakan AHP Sitewide Recent Posts karena WPMU Aggregator memotong isi entri begitu saja. Hal ini menyebabkan ada elemen HTML tidak tertutup dan menyebabkan halaman web Aggregator tidak konsisten/kacau.
  • Mengubah beberapa halaman agar konsisten.

Rencana mendatang: (TODO list)

  • Menyempurnakan agregasi entri blog.
  • Konsistensi bahasa (menggunakan seluruhnya Bahasa Indonesia atau bahasa Inggris?).
  • Dukungan Gravatar/Avatar.
  • Integrasi dengan situs lainnya

Khayalan mendatang: (Wishlist)

  • Memasang BuddyPress membuat UIBook (siapa tahu bisa menyaingi Facebook).
  • Memasang BBPress membuat forum UI.
  • Tema lebih UI.
  • World domination! 😀

Saya pribadi tidak jago PHP dan dunia per-wordpress-an. Saya biasa pakai blogspot yang cuma bisa menulis. Silahkan tinggalkan komentar kalau ada ide, saran, kritik, dan kue untuk dibagi. Selamat berblog ria.

UPDATED: Sign-in sudah bisa, ada error di skrip LDAP. Sekarang sudah bisa tersambung. 

Kambing Spidol

Kambing Spidol

After the collapsing, Kambing have resurrected again. It needs few hours thanks to the almighty Universitas Indonesia‘s bandwith to recover all of the contents (± 2 TB). Unfortunately, after we struggle to put down sotfware RAID 5, the server having trouble at performance. The popular (most accessed contents) were on the same hard drive making it an I/O bottleneck.

Well, Adin said we will resurrect the good ol’ software RAID 5. Meanwhile, enjoy the slow throughput like the rest of us. 🙁

UPDATE: Adin have done it. Now, the popular contents in RAID 5