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Saved By The Princess

Saved By The Princess

Saved By The Princess

Saved By The Princess

Hello, Darth Vader, don’t let go the princess.

You don’t know what you have until it gone. You may have friends in the dark, but she shines upon you. You may wished to be in the dark, but she diminished the frown upon you. You have your tears but it is for joy.

There is no reason to be fearless. Fear is what makes a man take a decision. Losing is what makes a man smiles for what he have. Sorrow is what makes a man found truly happiness.

Dear, Anakin, you have never fallen into the dark side. You only decided that you would turned off the light.

Up Way Sign

Up Way Sign

This way up

This Way Up

  On the other side of the world the sign shows the sky. Before you take a good leap, the sign shows you the direction to prepare the leap. Never look down to your hardships. When people look down on you. When everything is upside down. When you are nothing. When you becoming nothing. When you fail. It’s a way to have you make a jump. Prepare the jump and smile. 😉


There is always a first time for every thing. The scariest and the toughest of them all. Have to have the strongest of all reasons to be with this.

Don’t know if this would be good. Don’t know if this is the right thing to do. Don’t want to go with something. Standing in the fog of war scares most of the heart.

Well, just take the first step. It is always the most difficult. Don’t worry about doing it wrong. Every first step would have the chance of failure. That’s why we learn.

Bumpy Ride Now

Bumpy Ride Now

Downhill Ride

Downhill Ride

Life is just like taking a downhill motorcycling. You could say that it needs a lot of courage to do that and proper safety to keep you alive. Everyone in that activity knows that each of us would get hurt once in a while.

Well, what do you expect?

We know the road is bumpy. We know the road is slippery sometimes. We know that it ain’t an easy ride. We know that we don’t know anything ’till we tried. An experienced rider may gives you one or two messages. But, until you get the grip of it then you understand.

The problem is, it could cost a life to understand that. Sometimes part of your limbs. Some broken ribs, maybe. The worst of all is when you could not do the competition. That’s why people who understand the risk tried to tell other, sharing what they think the best; using the best method one could think of.

Anyway, what can an expert do when people doesn’t listen to his/her thought?

Well, the expert just have to force him/herself to be there watching from the sideline. It is not his/her competition. It is the person’s he/she cared so much. As the person falling apart, one can only sighing. Wish that the person would listen.

There is no need to regret what people chose. It’s their own fault. It’s their own downfall. There is nothing you can do about it. You had your best, yet the person was not listening. You’ve made your point.

But, why are you crying because of the ignorance?

That’s because you are human. That’s because you are perfectly healthy. That’s because you have a heart. One may wished that he/she won’t be that human; wished for not regretting much; wished for not throwing away all hope, especially the particular hope that the one he/she care would listen.

Well, watching from the sideline has it merit. On that bumpy ride when the person you care fall, you could be the one that cried for that person. You could be the one that take his/her hand. You could get relieve once you know that the person is alright. The person thanks you. He/she learned his/her lesson.

To be a human, a bumpy ride now and ahead. Until you see the finish line. A smile for enjoying the ride and a thrill of excitement, don’t you think?

A Heart Retribution

A Heart Retribution

A Heart Fallen in Love

A Heart Fallen in Love

People used to think that love will set you free. It will glow. But, little did they learn that love is self sacrifice. To have a heart shine and glimmering in light, there are things that should be devoted. Rights being violated. Existence being reduced.

Trapped Heart

Trapped Heart

To have a heart falling in love means your heart bounded to the ground. You can’t just walk away and say goodbye. Memories strain you to go flying.

Many tried and it left a hole in their heart. Well, there isn’t any to begin with. It was only the heart that was never set free. It was because you are not the one star anymore. Suddenly, you became a planet that needed a Sun. Rotating, revoluting, couldn’t even have one inch revolting.

Violator Shot Down

Violator Shot Down

Even when you be able to be free, there would be a chance where your heart would be shot again. When your heart soar into the sky of freedom. When you headed into the sun setting. When nothing hinder. BAM! You got shot.

When that time comes, read the image sequence backwards. That is, when you learn how people fall in love. Remember to have self sacrifice. And let their heart shines. Is it worth it?


Once Upon A Time: A MyPaint Showcase

Once Upon A Time: A MyPaint Showcase

Knight In The Shinny Armor

The Knight

Everyone is like a princess.

Waiting for her knight in a shinny armor comes with his glory. He would break the silence. He would bleed and get dirty. He will not falter no matter what. All that sketches in his mind is a princess waiting for him at the end of the darkness.

Dragon, witches, castle


With his glory, he fights the odds. He fights the fiercing dragon. He fights the witches and break the spells that cast upon. He crosses the river. He breaks down the centuries unmoved gate. Climb to the tallest tower and save the princess.

Then, that prince would tell the princess how much he loves her. The prince would bow down and asks her to marry him. He takes the princess to his kingdom and makes her his queen for life.

Broken Heart

The Prince's Heart

Little did the princess know…

that the prince’s heart was broken in the process.

–:: F I N ::–

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Kebebasan dalam Berekspresi (Dengan FOSS)

Kebebasan dalam Berekspresi (Dengan FOSS)

Kebetulan ada sebuah permintaan dari rekan saya untuk mengganti salah satu tema di Blog Staff. Menurut dia, itu merupakan permintaan dari salah satu penulis blog favorit saya. Saya pun mencoba mencarinya tema baru di Internet dan menemukan tema-tema untuk majalah. Salah satu fitur dari situs majalah (yang benar dan umumnya bukan di Indonesia) adalah menampilkan berita-berita unggulan di laman depan.

Nah, biasanya mereka menggunakan teknik slide show dan disertai oleh ilustrasi. Saya butuh menggambar ilustrasi. Pertama-tama saya mengambil inkscape:

$ sudo apt-get install inkscape

Tetapi, saya menemukan bahwa saya tidak bisa memakai inkscape seperti niwat0ri. Akhirnya saya memutuskan untuk mencari perkakas yang cocok untuk menggambar:

$ apt-cache search draw

Ada banyak perkakas dengan ideologinya sendiri tentang cara menggambar, misalnya tkpaint yang menggambar vektor dengan pengrupan. Selain itu, ada tuxpaint dan gpaint yang seperti mspaint. Tapi, saya membutuhkan sebuah penggambar raster. Sampai akhirnya saya menemukan mypaint. Menurut [APT], mypaint adalah:

Paint program to be used with Wacom tablets This is a pressure sensitive Wacom tablet paint program. It comes with a large brush collection including charcoal and ink to emulate real media, but the highly configurable brush engine allows you to experiment with your own brushes and with not-quite-natural painting.

Menurut [REMPT], mypaint dapat dipakai bersama-sama dengan Krita, sebuah aplikasi penggambar vektor di KDE SC, karena menggunakan format OpenRaster. Wow, vektor + gambar bebas = KEREN! Omong-omong, berikut fasilitas dari MyPaint:

  • Mesin kuas yang bebas dan memiliki algoritma prediksi. Hal ini mengakibatkan dinamika penggambaran seperti aslinya.
  • Penggambaran berlapis memudahkan kita untuk menggambar sketsa pada lapis dasar dan memisahkan antara garis dan tombol.
  • Integrasi dengan kanvas elektronik (tablet paint), membuat kita bisa berekspresi pada media komputer dengan baik.

Seperti eksplorasi Blender saya dahulu (yang sayangnya sudah hilang akibat Geocities sudah tutup), saya membuat contoh hasil dari perkakas ini. Ini semua saya buat di waktu senggang makan siang dengan menggunakan  tetikus. Mungkin kalau dengan kanvas elektronik bisa lebih ekspresif lagi. Maaf pakai bahasa Inggris.

Dreaming Girl

Dreaming Girl

A picture of an open interpretation. Is it a girl dreaming or a dream of a girl? I love ambiguity.

Just To Make Unhappy Face

Just to make unhappy face

The semantic of science according to a child born in these age of insanity.

Just To Make An Instant Noodle

Factory for Instant Thing

For every convenient thing on your house, there are inconvenient truth about it: underpaid labors, wretched environment, and that funky smoke that will haunt generations to come. Here’s for your instant noodle BEER.

The Most Terrifying

The Most Terrifying

The most terrifying in the history of mankind.


[APT] Jalankan  “apt-cache show mypaint” pada Ubuntu 10.04

[REMPT] Boudewijn Rempt. MyPaint. (diakses 20 Mei 2010)