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A Glimpse of Faith?

A Glimpse of Faith?

DISCLAIMER: This is my political view. Like it or not, comment if you want, no bashing intended.

Election of parliament member took me a great deal of thinking. I think it is unfair for people who stood and took people liberty not to vote as a sin. There are things that made me think that Indonesian parliament is such a constitution that sucking people’s money for nothing. It is a fair deal of public secret that many of those (I would like to put a gross animal word here but, yeah, it ain’t appropriate) people done such unfavorable actions. Please, put me a good example of a person in the parliament that do well.

Yes, they were the one that took away most of my nationalism by signing Pornography Law which is not only talking about pornography but also extends it to another challenging level: how “Bhinneka” is our country? I mean, look how Bali and some other parts reject the idea of that law. I’m not talking about morale here. But, I’m pissed by the given fact that a national law was signed while the fact that not all of us (in a large number) agree with it. I’m also pissed by the way the parliament went with it without ever considering the large number of people rejecting the idea. Oh, well, some people brought it into the Mahkamah Konstitusi. Hopefully, it would brought down or at least get a total revision that really intended for child’s protection.

Talking about nonsense, 2009 parliament is the right topic. How nonsense? Well, none of them have something to fight for (except fame, money and, God forbids, women/men). I have never been in America nor I have been in West Europe. But, AFAIK and watch, each of the congress member would have some bills or propositions that guaranteed would be done or at least fought for. They even have a local offices that can be reached out by common people.

There were a time where a bill about copyright was going to be passed down as a law in European Union (EU). To prevent that from being signed, Free/Open Source Software (FOSS) people then done a strike out intelligently: by telling EU people to go to their nearest local representatives and gave their endorsement against it. They need not to burn wheels in public streets, but sounding it to local representatives and went national with the media. Look how far they are now! They even can pushed Microsoft to a level where it pushed their OOXML into ISO standard so that it would comply to EU regulation that state any IT government project must based on open standards.

The story I want to hear is about how representative is a parliament should be. No need to bring Athens and its 100 people nor Romans with their Senate. No need to tell fairy tails about people’s state nor people’s will is God’s will. Can Indonesia be like that? Can I have representatives that listen? What is their mechanism to listen?

[begin sarcastic] On the good note, they also provide a great entertainment and works for many. We can even watched them on infotainment show. They are also featured on mental hospital. I like watching drama like Supernatural, Heroes, etc. but watching those would be-parliament really entertaining. They even beautify the streets with their pictures. Wow, what would happens to the entertainment media without them? [end sarcastic]

Anyway, thanks to the indecent work of people that responsible for the election (KPU, KPPS, RT/RW, etc.), many people have “sinned”. Heck, some of my family doesn’t even have cards to vote despite they have been living there for years. Can the 2009 parliament election be justified? Oh, well, what’s done is done.

If you asked me about my vote, I voted the sexiest name occurred to me with no M. Whatsoever in her name. A grad would not so sexy anymore don’t they? If I have a chance, I would take the vote home and made that as my wallpaper. Too bad, I have chamber not very secluded. In fact, I voted in no chamber, but in a desk behind a closet. There it went my privacy. But, does it matter? There is no big deal there but nice lady on television! ๐Ÿ˜€

Please, please, please, proof me wrong.

A Day Gone

A Day Gone

For everyone who congratulate me, I thank you all. I’m sorry that I don’t have the kind of respond for somebody that have a birthday. There are two reasons why:

1 I totally forgot about it.

You see, I was (and still) poisoined with the game The Last Remnant. I didn’t go to home on Sunday but straightly went to the playground and stayed there all the time. I was into a quest that made me…. Oh, well, you got the point. ๐Ÿ˜›

2a There is a sensitive subject that I hate to reminiscence

No, this is not actually one of the reason. But, it still shed me a tear. It was because few days ago a reunion with an old friend made me load the memory back into the main RAM.

2b I’m accepted as student in here

No, this is also not the actuall reason. The high admission fee will not made me trying to hide to not and besides I can go for scholarship or something like that. No, I will not flag it on BP nor inject some entries in SIAKng. ๐Ÿ˜†

Thus, it’s only the #1 is valid. Q.E.D.

Anyway, how did I remember?

Hmm… my mother phoned me in the Monday morning with angered voice and asked me why didn’t I go home. Could it be that they would threw a little party (surprised one, perhaps)? I dunno, my family is not the type of celebrating anything. So, I guess it was because they would… ups…

On the second note, I’m celebrating my desktop for running stable with kernel 2.6.29. Yay! Still, I miss the -ck patchset. I think I would like to try Ext4 or BTRFS.

Oh, well, today we just implement DKIM and it’s running for testing. So far so good. Yay!

Hear these words, my friend. Every breath that we take and every lasted will that comes in the end of the day, they are the one that should be celebrated. You would never knew what day would be it be the day when you finally alive.

Update On Blog

Update On Blog

Every time ignorant comes in, I can only go like sigh. We had a blackout 2 days ago because of the AC on the server room was going berserk and releasing heat. FYI, normal human would only lasted 15 minutes there in the good ol’ day, but I could feel the warmth of the room and felt very comfortable.

Heck, if I feel good, that means it is bad!

They don’t felt like want to fix that right away and felt like want to postpone it into Monday, this day. Fortunately, my boss really is a good boss, so he insists on fixing on the matter fast. Yay! Go, Boss!


You see, there are machines there that one of them can buy you an X-Trail and they are temperature sensitive. There are also machines that also connected to another secure machine outside. There are machines that holds students data, staff payrolls, and emails. Oh, wait, is that the router that connect some universities? Yeah, seems not important… :((


How about me? Luckily, I’m home. But, my poor comrades and my boss, they got lost on their weekend just to fix that matter. Oh, well, life goes on! C’est la vie!

Well, this day I can barely about 1 minutes just in that room. Good! ย ๐Ÿ™‚

Hmm… this isn’t blogspot, so I think I should restraint my rant (should I? :P). Okay, I should stop here before people think. ๐Ÿ˜›

Seputar-putar Komidi Putar Pintar

Seputar-putar Komidi Putar Pintar

Mengapa setiap kali ada yang menanyakan tentang admin, selalu dimulai dengan “Pak”? Apakah wanita tidak ada yang bisa jadi admin? Admin UI juga ada yang wanita dan dia juga hebat, loh. Ah, sudahlah, saya bukan seorang feminis dan saya juga tidak ingin menyalahkan orang lain.

Akibat dari keteledoran beberapa orang yang tidak menjaga login-nya dengan baik, terpaksa lagi-lagi harus mengetatkan aturan main di UI. Maaf saja kalau akhir-akhir ini ada ketidaknyamanan dengan sistem ratron kita. Selain memindahkan ruang penyimpanan ke sebuah SAN, kami juga mengetatkan aturan main dalam dunia peratronan kita. Katakan selamat tinggal kepada protokol yang telanjang (PLAIN) dan katakan selamat datang kepada TLS dan SSL, sohib kita yang baru!

Yah, selain peningkatan ruang penyimpan per pengguna menjadi 200 MB, setiap orang di-wajib-kudu-mesti-kan untuk menggunakan enkripsi, baik IMAP maupun POP3, bahkan untuk SMTP! Yup, di mana-mana kenyamanan berbanding terbalik dengan keamanan. Sekejam-kejamnya admin, lebih kejam ibu tiri. Lho? Iyalah, nanti disediakan, kok, tata cara penggunaan ratron yang telah termutakhir.

Maaf kalau admin jadi kejam! Tapi, saya pribadi sudah muak menulis kepada Yahoo! Mail maupun penyedia layanan lainnya yang memblokir koneksi dari UI karena ada yang bocor ke penyedia layanan SPAM yang selalu mengirim ratron-ratron sampah melalui UI.

Horde bagaimana nasibnya? Waduh, belum sempat dibuat lagi. Semenjak ada bug serius pada Horde, terpaksa webmail ini diturunkan dulu sampai ada keluar versi amannya. Sabar, yah.

Duh, ngantuk! Tidur dulu, ah.ย ย ๐Ÿ˜Ž

Satu Impian Tercapai

Satu Impian Tercapai

Sudah 3 tahun blog berdiri dan fitur yang saya minta tidak pernah ada. Tadinya berpikir untuk integrasi planet dengan WPMU (engine blog ini) seperti di luar. Tapi, berhubung pengguna di UI itu dinamis, cukup pegal juga untuk memperbaharui keanggotaan di planet. Apalagi, planet menggunakan Python sebagai bahasa pemrogramannya. Waduh, paket-paket tambahan yang harus dijaga.

Kalau ditanya bahasa apa paling susah di dunia, maka saya pasti bilang PHP. Bingung sekali mau mulai dari mana, tapi untungnya saya punya dewa penyelamat. Dia mau sekali diganggu untuk memperbaharui blog mahasiswa dan menambahkan planet-like ke situ. WOW! Beneran tadi malam saya berair mata saya karena terharu. ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

Terakhir, setidaknya para penulis blog di UI tercinta ini tersiar ke blog UI. Semoga ini menjadi insentif buat menulis di blog UI. Yah, tidak banyak dan sempurna yang bisa ditawarkan, tetapi saya percaya inovasi tidak terhenti pada satu titik. Inovate or die!

Hmm… senang sekali rasanya. ๐Ÿ˜€

NEXT GOAL: Belajar PHP! ๐Ÿ˜›