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Blog Update: UI Student Registration

Blog Update: UI Student Registration

It’s been a while since I blogged because of the student registration. The event was successful with some glitches, but, hey, I am proud because of the contuinity of improvement. There were regressions on 2008 registration that’ve been fixed and even improved. Yeah, we still have flaws and we are not proud because of it, but it doesn’t make me stop to awe on how Universitas Indonesia as a whole trying to tackling those issues while continue with the improvement.

Some of the 2009 registration improvements that I think need some mention:

1 Online Pre-Registration Process

SIMAK UI enabling people to enter registration form easily and with the help of Biaya Pendidikan (BP) system. It enables anyone to register and then pay the bill from the few appointed banks (IIRC, there are 7 of them). The status of the payment then get updated in an instance because we are connected with it. It’s by far, CMMIW, the most hassle free student registration system.

The catch is people must be able to use computer and have a decent Internet connection. Thankfully, it was supposed to be a requirement in highschool and if it wasn’t, there are another ways to enter Universitas Indonesia, including the traditional SNMPTN and UMB. Oh, well, the screw was started in 2008 anyway and that’s politics and I don’t want to step on it. All that I can say is I’m proud that Universitas Indonesia do its best effort to give equal chance for all.

2 Stripped Down Registration Process

There are only five registration field and the registration process is quite simple, though there are times where bottleneck may arise due to technical reason. Other than that, there are two noticable features available for 2009 students those are students can have their jacket and students that have paid the tuitition fee may receive the student card. Those two can be done on the same day at registration process.

I know there would be corner cases, but that’s fixable and that’s what I as a part of the team do it right now. So, sampai jumpa.  😆

Getting Yourself Innovative

Getting Yourself Innovative

I’m very concern of how things happen here. With the emergence of embedded system market, many tools keep coming into the marketplace. Many innovations coinage by new terms like multimedia phone, netbook, etc., arise in concurrent with new technology. But, here in Indonesia, there is also comes true one leakiness: ignoring the GNU/Linux system.

You may say that I’m a FOSS zealot and that bold statement is biased. But, think about this: all of the local brand Netbook can’t be installed with GNU/Linux without glitches. While the foreign sibling such as Acer’s, Lenovo’s, and ASUS’ can be installed with GNU/Linux. Imagine this: there is a Windows preinstalled Netbook, which costs you more, and there is this GNU/Linux Netbook. Which would you select?

There is a big difference between the embedded world and the desktop world; that is it’s architecture and purpose. Embedded system build around in special devices and sometimes using different processor. Not much people would use it as a serious gaming platform, it’s only geared towards productivity. So, the fancy games that Windows wins is not viable there.

Netbook was created as a low-cost device to have common task done. It was not intended for serious gaming nor any set of needs that need high requirement. However, it may be used as a simple productivity tools, PDF reader, a browser, and any light processing task. It was intended for people with high mobility, so it has relatively high uptime and WiFi ability. Because of the screen size, the user experience of a Netbook should differ with desktop or Notebook. With its small screen, the readability of a Netbook, including its menu, icons and fonts must be redesign to meet a high quality which a person can use it well. The minimal requirement of this gadget also making it must stay resource-limited in mind when designing an application. Besides, you must put those on ease. These radical changes of graphical user interface are in the end changer user experience radically. To put it simply, total overhaul of how things work, the innovation behind it, would make the Netbook is experimental in its merits.

Then why would you still insist on trusting your hardware with Windows Embedded?

The one reason is because people trust Windows than other platform. The brand justify your product. Meaning, you are not confident enough to differ with others. Not like that stubborn Apple Corp. nor that EEE PC did. The other reason is because you have no knowledge to do customization since basically your local product actually a rebranded product.

Whatever the reason, you may consider that non-innovative product is not well suited for long term continuity. Invest your time and take a look around for GNU/Linux fabrication. One thing is to specify your hardware to suited for GNU/Linux installation. Provide that as a long time investment and make the service available.

The thing that making GNU/Linux platform weaker than Windows is because the lack of OEM to preinstalled it on their system. The system always considered as an supported system. That’s why it would be a hassle to put it on the hardware. But, as you may see how the world now in favor of the system, many big industry players have consider of using GNU/Linux as a preinstalled platform of choice. This of course a gamble, but the big community behind FOSS making the company that using GNU/Linux looks like celebrity. Thus, making a good PR for the company itself.

Besides, who would resist cost reduction on their production while stay competitive?

With the saturation of technology,  many seeks asylum on innovative ways. Even if the specs are the same, they would differentiate their products with each other. In that war for a piece of cake, innovative is a must.

So, please, brothers and sisters, I plea you to at least to have your product support GNU/Linux so that you can have a community backed you up and free developers to enhance your product lines.

As suggested by Iang, there are handful of developers whom also in favor for making BlankOn, a GNU/Linux distribution based on Ubuntu, eager to make the distribution for Netbook. Why don’t you jump into it also? Check out for the comment for further link.


Addendum as suggested by Iang.

Joke of The Day

Joke of The Day

Duane on June 6, 2009 at 3:21 pm

Yikes, I’m black and have a Macbook Pro, 2 iMacs, iPods for both cars and an Apple sticker in the back window of my BMW. “Am I gonna die, smart brother?”

White on June 12, 2009 at 10:18 am

Maybe you’re a white man trapped in a black man’s body.

The Dude on June 15, 2009 at 11:44 am

LMAO! maybe

Taken from

So damn hilarious! xD


For those of you that don’t get it, the excuse is found used by gay/lesbian people to describe themselves. It’s a reasoning to accept one’s behavior for altering their original sex. A romantic excuse, e.g., to say that the person is a women trapped inside a men body.

Pantes Gak Beres

Pantes Gak Beres

Gejala: Jika ada salah satu tim kita yang tidak konsentrasi, diam kaku seperti mayat, senyum-senyum, dan ditanya tak menyahut.

Analisis: perhatikan sekeliling dan lihat apakah ada gebetannya sedang ikut menyaksikan.

Kesimpulan: Lain kali minta dengan sangat kepada gebetannya supaya di paling belakang.

PS: This is a redeeming post to postulate that this blog also have humanitarian taste.

Uga Uga!

Uga Uga!

Sebenarnya saya telah menulis tulisan yang cukup panjang untuk entri ini, tetapi untuk cakupan bahasan ini saya ingin lebih ringan. Jadi, inilah versi ringannya yang dilengkapi dengan definisi seperlunya, sejarah seperlunya, atau apa pun yang membuat sebuah entri menjadi berat seperlunya. Entri ini dibuat (mudah-mudahan) seringan mungkin.

Bahasa Indonesia, sebuah bahasa yang menjadi dasar negara. Ia bukan hanya menjadi alat pernyataan maksud atau pengaburan maksud seperti layaknya bahasa yang lain. Ia menjadi penghubung persaudaraan antara sub ras Proto Melayu, Melayu Muda,  Melanesia, dan sub ras lainnya. Ia menjadi salah satu pilar mengapa orang-orang dari Hunan menjadi bagian tak terpisahkan dengan orang-orang dari Polinesia.

Jika ia sebuah identitas sebuah bangsa, mengapa ia menjadi kabur? Saya adalah seorang lulusan Ilmu Komputer, maka saya akan coba jawab dari ranah keilmuan saya yang paling bisa menjelaskan fenomena tersebut, yakni manajemen pengetahuan (Knowledge Management).

[Buat orang Ilmu Komputer dan orang-orang yang sudah punya dasar ilmu Manajemen Pengetahuan, lewati saja]

Dalam ilmu Manajemen Pengetahuan terdapat dua jenis pengetahuan, yakni 1) Tacit Knowledge (pengetahuan tacit) dan 2) External Knowledge (pengetahuan eksternal). Menurut [DoC], pengetahuan eksternal adalah sebuah pengetahuan yang dapat diekspresikan oleh bahasa formal seperti spesifikasi dan notasi ilmiah. Sedangkan pengetahuan tacit adalah sebuah pengetahuan yang terekam oleh individu.

Pengetahuan eksternal merupakan pengetahuan yang telah terformulasi dengan baik sehingga ia terdokumentasi. Ia sebuah pengetahuan yang terstandarisasi sehingga mudah untuk diformulasikan. Sebaliknya, pengetahuan tacit lahir dari pengalaman pengguna. Ia merupakan produk dari persepsi pengguna akan sebuah masalah. Ia merupakan kesimpulan pribadi berdasarkan informasi-informasi yang diterima oleh individu tersebut.

[Akhir dari lewati saja]

Bahasa Indonesia sebagaimana sumber budaya lainnya adalah sebuah bentuk pengetahuan. Pengetahuan ini jelas melekat pada individu-individu penggunanya. Ia digunakan dan dimengerti dengan baik oleh para penggunanya. Bahkan, ia berusaha didokumentasikan oleh banyak pihak agar mudah dipahami. Bahasa Indonesia lahir dari pengetahuan tacit dan berkembang menjadi sebuah pengetahuan yang tak terpisahkan dengan proses bisnis yang terjadi di organisasi Indonesia. Ia menjadi modal dasar bagi organisasi Indonesia.

Indonesia itu sendiri adalah sebuah organisasi korporat yang memiliki basis bisnis (core business) penyejahteraan anggotanya. Sebagaimana layaknya organisasi korporat, ia memiliki jumlah anggota yang luar biasa banyak dan siklus keluar masuk anggota. Hal ini dapat mengakibatkan hilangnya pengetahuan-pengetahuan yang sudah ada tersebut. Untuk mencegah hal demikian, sebagai sebuah organisasi korporat Indonesia  harus mereservasi pengetahuan-pengetahuan yang dimilikinya agar operasi standar dalam organisasi tersebut terjaga.

Maka, Bahasa Indonesia sebagai salah satu modal fundamental dari organisasi Indonesia harus dijaga keutuhannya. Untuk itulah proses penangkapan pengetahuan tacit menjadi pengetahuan eksternal (external knowledge) diperlukan. Proses ini merupakan bagian dari apa yang disebut sebagai manajemen pengetahuan (Knowledge Management). Proses ini penting dilakukan agar pengetahuan yang sudah didapatkan oleh operator pada masa itu dapat diteruskan oleh penggantinya.

Tentunya, reservasi pengetahuan dalam manajemen pengetahuan bukan hanya proses transfer pengetahuan tacit menjadi pengetahuan eksternal. Ia juga memerlukan proses sebaliknya. Sebuah pengetahuan yang terekam (pengetahuan eksternal) tak dapat digunakan apa bila ia tidak dijadikan sebuah pengetahuan tacit untuk operator/pengguna. Ia akan menjadi sebuah informasi yang tak berguna yang dimiliki oleh organisasi. Ia hanya akan dilanggar atau ditemukan kembali oleh penggunanya yang tidak memiliki akses terhadap pengetahuan tersebut.

Itu sebabnya, sebuah organisasi yang baik harus dapat menjamin proses eksternalisasi pengetahuan dan ekstraksi secara berimbang. Kegagalan dalam salah satu proses tersebut dapat menghilangkan pengetahuan yang sudah ada. Hal ini berakibat kepada tercideranya citra organisasi, bahkan dapat mengancam keberadaan organisasi itu sendiri.

Rumah Sakit Omni International Tangerang adalah contoh nyata dari kegagalan tersebut. [JAK] menyebutkan bahwa seandainya rumah sakit itu belajar dari kasus Dell Hell, ia tentu takkan melakukan blunder demikian. Lebih lanjut [JAK] menyebutkan bahwa seharusnya untuk sebuah rumah sakit berwawasan internasional, rumah sakit tersebut seharusnya memiliki sumber daya yang mengerti permasalahan tersebut. Ada banyak dokumentasi [baca: pengetahuan eksternal] tentang relasi pelanggan yang membahas mengenai protes pengguna.

Itulah harga sebuah pengetahuan dan resiko hilangnya sebuah pengetahuan.

Tentunya, implikasi dari hilangnya Bahasa Indonesia bukan hanya itu saja. Sebagai salah satu syarat perlu adanya organisasi Indonesia, Bahasa Indonesia menjadi salah satu identitas yang harus dijaga keutuhannya. Apabila sebuah syarat perlu hilang, sebuah organisasi tersebut telah kehilangan pilarnya. Hal ini dapat berakibat runtuhnya seluruh fundamen organisasi itu sendiri.

Untungnya, ada sebuah proyek reservasi pengetahuan tersebut yang bernama Kamus Besar Bahasa Indonesia (KBBI). KBBI adalah sebuah usaha pendokumentasian (eksternalisasi) Bahasa Indonesia. Yang membedakan antara KBBI dengan kamus lainnya adalah pengesahan oleh badan eksekutif organisasi Indonesia. Ia menjadi sebuah buku pedoman/acuan standar jika berbicara tentang Bahasa Indonesia. Sebuah kata menjadi baku apa bila tercantum di dalam buku tersebut.

Lalu, apa akibatnya apa bila ada kata yang tidak tercantum dalam buku tersebut?

Sesuai dengan ilmu manajemen pengetahuan, ada dua implikasi yang terjadi terhadap kata tersebut sebagai sebuah pengetahuan: 1) kata tersebut tidak resmi/diakui dan 2) kata tersebut hilang. Hal ini akan wajar terjadi apa bila kata yang terbenam tersebut memiliki padanan yang lebih baik atau acuan yang lainnya.

Akan tetapi, apa bila kata tersebut menyatakan sebuah definisi yang tidak terdefinisikan oleh kata mana pun, ia akan menjadi soal. Bahasa Indonesia akan kehilangan integritasnya sebagai sebuah penghubung. Ia tidak mampu menyatakan sebuah definisi sehingga mengakibatkan penggunanya kesulitan dalam menggunakannya. Satu kata yang menggambarkannya adalah cacat!

Sebuah proses bisnis yang tidak terdefinisikan dengan baik akan memunculkan interpretasi yang berbeda. Ambil contoh definisi surat yang dikirimkan secara elektronik. Bahasa Inggris berhasil mengoinisasikan menjadi kata email. Apa yang terjadi dengan bahasa Indonesia? Setidaknya ada dua kata terkoinisasi untuk definisi tersebut: surel dan ratron.

Yang manakah yang dipakai? Keduanya sama-sama kuat. Dalam [GOG1], kata surel digunakan oleh Wikipedia, berbagai blog yang membahas surat elektronik Prita, dan artikel media. Dalam [GOG2], kata ratron digunakan oleh PT Pos Indonesia, blog yang membahas surat elektronik Prita, dan artikel media. Keduanya dipakai secara aktif walau pun ada kecenderungan menggunakan kata surel sebagai koinisasi definisi tersebut yang ditandai dengan tanggal penulisan oleh pengguna kata surel lebih baru dibandingkan kata ratron.

Yang mana yang harus dipilih? Tentunya berpulang kembali kepada selera [baca: subyektivitas] masing-masing. Dalam hal ini, PT Pos Indonesia sebagai sebuah korporasi di bidang korporasi menjadi sebuah acuan yang kuat untuk menggunakan kata ratron dan Wikipedia sebagai penyedia layanan informasi umum sebagai referensi untuk kata surel.

Kedua kata ini memang memperkaya khasanah Bahasa Indonesia. Sayangnya, kedua kata ini tidak menjadi acuan resmi dalam berbahasa. Akibatnya, akan muncul kata-kata baru yang lain seperti ratel dan lain sebagainya. Hal ini dapat saja menghambat pendidikan, atau pun sebaliknya tidak sama sekali menghambat pendidikan. Akan tetapi, hal ini menimbulkan masalah baru: segregasi.

Apa bila sebuah bahasa tersegregasi, maka ia menjadi dua entitas berbeda. Ambil contoh  Bahasa Indonesia dan Bahasa Melayu Malaysia. Keduanya berasal dari bahasa Melayau yang tersegregasi. Hal ini tidak masalah karena kedua bahasa ini digunakan oleh dua organisasi [baca: negara] yang berbeda.Tetapi, apa bila Bahasa Indonesia tersegregasi, maka layakkah ia disebut sebagai bahasa pemersatu?

Dengan tidak tersedianya kata untuk sebuah koinisasi definisi, maka sang pengguna akan menggunakan pengetahuan lainnya. Dalam hal ini, sang pengguna akan menggunakan istilah bahasa asing secara mentah. Dengan meningkatnya penggunaan kata-kata dalam bahasa asing ini, maka meningkatlah kredibilitas bahasa tersebut. Sebaliknya, dengan kegagalan sebuah bahasa dalam koinisasi menyebabkan penurunan kredibilitas. Akhirnya, bahasa tersebut menjadi kurang diminati dan hilang.

Untuk menyingkat entri ini sehingga masih enak untuk dibaca, saya dapat katakan bahwa ada masalah sosial yang timbul akibat segregasi ini. Bahwa Indonesia sebagai negara kepulauan yang tersegregasi secara geografis juga mengalami segregasi nasional. Perbedaan yang timbul mengurangi rasa persaudaraan dalam organisasi ini.

Apa lagi yang menjadi pemersatu bangsa ini? Kesejahteraan yang berbeda antara pulau Jawa dan pulau-pulau lainnyakah? Etnis yang berbeda-beda? Isu imperialisme yang didominasi oleh salah satu etnis? Tentunya bahasa menjadi opsi yang tak terelakkan.

Seandainya tidak perlu sebuah kata dalam Bahasa Indonesia tidak tercatat dalam KBBI, maka dengan acuan apakah sebuah kata dapat dikatakan sebagai bahasa Indonesia?

intinya @MoMo: Tidak! Harus semua kata yang diakui sebagai kata dalam Bahasa Indonesia tercatat dalam tersebut.

Mohon maaf kalau informasinya sepotong-sepotong dan terbaca diskrit. Entri ini sudah terkompresi sedemikian sehingga cukup pendek dari aslinya. Lagi pula, saya bukan hendak menulis buku tapi sebuah apologi entri blog.


[DoC] Clark, Donald. 2004. Knowledge. (diambil tanggal 8 Juni 2009)

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[GOG2] Mesin Pencari Google. Pencarian Google dengan subyek “ratron surat elektronik”. (diambil tanggal 8 Juni 2009)

What Are They Teaching

What Are They Teaching

Once, there was an amen to the premise that goes saying “each educated person should read newspaper”. You know, it’s been at least 3 years that I have not following any news on the media. One may say that’s because I have the Internet and I can read those online. But, no, I’m not reading any Indonesian online newspaper also. Once in a while maybe, but not that frequent.

I believe, I have the interest of reading newspaper because I was born in a good reading habit family. When I was a small boy, we subscribed to Bobo magazine. My father was also subscribed on Kompas. I was amazed (at that time) by my Bahasa Indonesia teachers that always praising that Kompas is consistently playing a major role for writing good article in a good Bahasa Indonesia. My father also buying Kontan each week in the early days of that newspaper. I still remember how good it was telling us readers about some news from the view of economics.

So, why am I stop reading news?

If you start to reading newspaper article nowadays, there is a common flaw that makes me sick of reading it. Nowadays, almost all of the article made with screwing some facts with opinions. Opinion building is one thing, but the news should never put opinion on a fact story. At least, let’s put some clear distinctive terms between writers opinion and the story. Forcing people to make a subjective opinion is not a clear way of good journalism and it’s far from elegant. It even doesn’t educate people by making them think of the interpretation themselves.

For instance, if it is a story of Israel versus Hammas, we will see that Israel always becomes the bad guy. If Hammas rocketing the Israelis, we will find good excuses for it. But, if the Israelis strikes, we will have the condemn all over the writings. This would be fine if those are what inscribed in novel or some fairy tails. But, if that’s what been wrote on the news, that’s totally nonsense. What happens with the objectivity of journalism?

What is objectivity? Take a look at scientific writings. If a researcher writing about Dengue, the person/team would write about what happens with the patient. The researcher would write about the effects: the virus attacks and the physical sign of the body that received the attack. If the researcher take a look at the virus, the person/team would describe about the virus. But, they will never put any of their feeling towards the patient nor the virus. They will never write the patient as “poor man” nor “unlucky person”. In fact, they would write “subject” with no expression in it.

That’s what we call objectivity. Trying to be distinctive and see the problem as a whole from 3rd party view. Not trying to be a ruthless, but to be able to put the emotion aside is what is needed to have a quality research. Once emotion is on the way, there would be matters that would get set aside. This would hurt the end result and makes the research unqualified to explain the matter clearly.

To bring hates toward Israelis, would it explain how the whole thing happens? Would it can describe the root of the problem? Can it bring into the right conclusion? Will it bring peace? Or are we in love with hatred and destruction so much?

The second sin of Indonesian journalism nowadays is the sense of ethics.

A wife of a famous person once said about the difference between Indonesian journalist and foreign journalist. She said that the Indonesian journalist would started questioning blatantly, while the foreign journalist would use the sentence with plea, e.g. “would you…”, “could you…”, or “if I may…”.

More about ethics, the Indonesian press would not ashamed of taking dead people photos. They would expose the feeling the victim’s family for the sake of popularity. They would bring reality show into reality. Without censorship and good explanation, they even would put any picture of the poor.

There is a big difference between freedom of speech and monetize controversy. Have our nation become an uncivilized nation?

The third sin of Indonesian journalism is making Bahasa Indonesia as a third class citizen language.

For instance, people would call China as “China” pronounced in English instead of saying “Cina” pronounced in Bahasa Indonesia. According to some people, the word “Cina” would be like saying “nigger” to African American people. Then, why not using the word “Tiong Hoa” or “Tiongkok” pronounced in Bahasa Indonesia?

Are they suggesting that Bahasa Indonesia is an insulting language? Are they suggesting that Bahasa Indonesia is lower than English?

When Pertamina had their oil reservation engulfed in flame, the police officer use the term “human error” to describe the reason. Why are the media not transforming the term into “kesalahan manusia”? Why using “error” than “galat”?

I know that terms in Indonesia is alien, but that’s because none of us nor the media embrace it. Well, at least we, admins of Universitas Indonesia, tries to do so. We love to use the term “ratron” instead of “email”, “unduh” instead of “download”, and “daring” instead of “online”.

But, the bigger question is why the media would use English terms or informal terms that derived from English term instead of the existing Bahasa Indonesia counterparts?

Is “Sumpah Pemuda” still relevant nowadays?

Whoa, this blog post feels weird, paradox. 😳

I should say that, no, I don’t hate our media that much. I still believe and subscribed in Tempo magazine. I just feel totally uncomfortable with the way our media speaks nowadays. I feel anxiety towards the declination of our news quality. I feel troublesome of what happens today. So irritated that I would say “Oh my God! What are they teaching to our journalists nowadays?”

Anyway, this post is a rant. Feel free to comment. (Summoning the proofreader) 🙂

An Act of Solidarity

An Act of Solidarity

Yes, I don’t talk much about gossip. That’s why I don’t talk about Manohara. But, this is about a fact that a life of an innocent person is on the line and this is all about ethics, netiquette to be precisely.

The problem began with the spreading of a mail from a mother who felt of being deceived by the hospital. The mail itself were sent into a mailing list. For your information, mailing list is a group of people that exchange information via email. It means, you must be subscribed to be emailed by the mailing list system. This means, the membership of the group is totally private. Unfortunately, member of the mailing list then broadcast this message into another internet forum. Which in the end, inform the employee of the accused hospital.

Because of the accuse, the hospital use the new Internet Law (ITE) to brought Mrs. Prita into justice. They felt their name was poisoned by the accusation of hospital doing scam and it would held their reputation down. They do anything necessary to protect their name.

I am not very in depth with the law, but let’s use common sense here. If you, dear reader, have better argument, feel free to comment. The submit button is right there under the comment’s text box.

First of all, the court must consider Mrs. Prita intention of sending her mail. She wasn’t intend to broadcast it but to a group of known people just to get out of her rant. She wasn’t the one that made the letter public. The one that responsible for leaking the information is not her.

Second, her motivation is because of what happen back there. She felt like she was being deceived. How can you protested a hospital if it was doing such practice? It was just like trying to sue PLN when your hardware was broken because of sudden cutoff. This letter should be treated like sending to a media.

Of course, the problem also persist in the hospital side.

First, how can they defend themselves against such letter? The letter would bring disgrace to their name and made their reputation rock bottom. They would need the media to explain themselves which in the end costs a lot.

Secondly, how to defend themselves if the story wasn’t true? Internet is full of hoax, but people tend to trust it as a source of truth.

So, who should take the blame?

Well, why don’t we trace if the story was true. If it was another hoax, Mrs. Prita needs to take full responsible. Also, the person who broadcast the message needs to be captured. If it was true, this hospital really needs to reform themselves and apologize.

Another problem that made me sympathize to her is:

“How on earth can the law prove if all that Mrs. Prita evidence is only payment checks?”

Anyway, this is a good test of how well this nation have the comprehensive ability to understand IT and the Internet. Let’s watch and see.

Forcing Moore Law

Forcing Moore Law

I was frustrated with KDE4. It was just because I didn’t have any luck on converting all of my apps to Qt 4.x only. All of the KDE4 are awesome: KMail, Yakuake, plasma and stuff, and the sensible run command window. The thing that strucked me down was the fact that I couldn’t use Kopete to connect via proxy. Yeah, the only sole big hole is  that I couldn’t chat. So, I had to give up and installed Pidgin.

Because of that, I was tempted on using LXDE on my PC. It was described as the low resource desktop manager based on GTK2 only. Unfortunately, I was unable to run LXDE with compiz, maybe it needed a tinkering which I was lazy at that time. So, I went to GNOME. Yeah, the plain old GNOME! Uhm, the 2.26 is not old but still with no alpha blending, 3D effects, nor any bling-bling that put your friend’s jaw; just a plain ol’ desktop manager. That’s my default desktop manager now.

The surprised thing about my current desktop manager is that it extremely fast and responsive. It can runs Netbeans 6.7 Beta, Opera, Epiphany with many tabs, Tilda, and active Rhytmnbox but still can rip my CDs with 8 minutes per CD without any glitches! Wow!

I’m using old Pentium D, 2 GB memory, good ol’ ATi x550, 40 GB SEAGATE SCSI UltraWide160. Please note that I don’t mean to advertise, but that’s what I can have in the office through stealing scavenging recycling some servers parts. 🙂 Ahem cough, back to topic, with those ingredients, my computer became an average joe PC when running KDE4. Yes, it was fast, but not blazing fast. It was very attractive and responsive, yet not that fast. If I can describe the differences, it was like comparing when I’m running Windoze 98 and running Windoze XP on my good ‘ol PC.

What is interesting here is new technology comes with more and more CPU clock requirement. If I recall about game programming, there was a time where sprites of a character in a game counts. Now, you can see  a game in one BlueRay with fancy graphics and stuff.

Yes, we evolve as the hardware evolve, including the demands. But, does the evolving ways of computing right now is necessary? Do we need those eyecandy? The basic functionality is the same. The job in M$ Office 1997 is the same as well in M$ Office 2007, only making bold/italic, alignment, and header/footer stuff. But, why some of us put the trouble to upgrade into the latest software just to achieve what the good ol’ software already did?

Other than gaming, is there a need of an average joe/jane to upgrade his/her PC?

Updates From Daily

Updates From Daily

Whew, It’s been so long since I made non techie post. So, I’m putting a light post just for blabbing.

After the protest, one of them is a blog post by Pak Ibam, the “wasteland” is now officially closed. There is a positive thing that I, as an individual who works at this university, can be proud of. That is the expression to talk. Universitas Indonesia has proven itself as one of the university of academics.

What is academic means? We stay objective by including rational thinking and not emotional. By being academic means we open for questions, even it means attacking the very foundation of our strong dogma.

It’s not easy, be it an individual or organization, to accept rationality. In Indonesia, it made worse with the traditional belief based on faith, tradition, and popular opinion. These three in occasion is playing very hard making positive arguments void. Because of that, we see how the DPR can be chosen by random people signing for one at random location. We also can see how prejudice can blind one’s faith and action. We always see black and white without gradation causing us toyed by perplexing truth. In the end, these make us never learn.

Anyway, the road is better now. I can inhale there.

Talking about general election 2009, I think the winner is clear. Whew, this is so boring! No competition nor whatsoever. SBY will win it for sure. I’m not talking nonsense and fyi, I don’t vote for him at 2004. But, there are things that made the other competitors failed. The two competitors have serious issues.


They have the grassroots and they have the public interest as program. BUT, they have a BIG serious issue that they need to resolve:

“Mei 1998 Tragedy”

Prabowo must explain to general public about the incident and how he would not related to it. If not, it would be a serious problem.


From what I’ve seen, this duo only depending on the popularity of JK. Also, Wiranto have some issues with East Timor case.

Anyway, don’t trust my prediction. This is only my 2 cents.

New System Notification for KDE and Usability In Question

New System Notification for KDE and Usability In Question

According to [AIS], the main dev of KDE, introduce system notification for KDE 4 series. This feature is introduced in KDE 4.3 and will be stable in KDE 4.4. That means, at least at the end of 2009 we will be having another breakthrough in desktop innovation.

What is a notification?

To be sort and humble, notification can be described as informative message spotted to inform the user about something that happen. It is that bubble that popped out informing/alerting the user.

Some of the implementation: a) in Mac, there is a Growl project that unified all application bubble; b) in Windows, Microsoft have their MFC library; c) in Linux, freedesktop notification in libnotification.

All of them have the implementation, but only Macintosh that have consistent look. [GROWL] I don’t care about Windows world because it only copy others. In Linux, however, there is a scattered implementation of notification that needs to be unified.

I believe when you are talking about GNU/Linux operating system, you would see that it talks not only about the library that follows, nor the desktop systems, it also talks about variety of machine. It could be your smartphone, USB video gadget, desktop computer, [ENTER ANY EXOTIC DEVICE HERE], etc. Variety devices comes with many requirement which may applied differ from each other. Thus, each of them may have unique look.

However, for desktop users, there is an urge to have visual notification that optimally used. According to [MARK], the notification should follow these:

  1. They should stay unobstrusive and need no handling from user. They can be queued to stay unobstrusive.
  2. They should be trackable even if the notification is gone.
  3. Any action required must involve the application part, i.e. the application window/dialog box popped or come forth.

Because of this proposal, the Ubuntu product starting 9.04 version have their own notification system that divided into two parts, the notification bubble called notify-osd and notification tracker applet that tracks notification.

However, there is a disagreement between their proposed idea and other developer perspective. One notable disagreement is about the actionless notification. On [MARK] comment, Gregg, also pointed out that there are cases when it is natural for us to click on the notification whenever those particular events occur. For instance, if an email comes in, the application would popping the notification to the user. It will makes the user click the notification bubble, making the application focused and displaying the message. Another example is chat client application that bubbling the message whenever a friend type something.

Because of that, the proposal that [AIS] propose is the good will of KDE people to have notification free from any desktop library is a way to go. That is by using D-BUS. DBUS is a inter-application communication system that being defined by Freedesktop. It was first implemented by GNOME people and later by KDE people. It will have the Ubuntu proposal, yet have the ability to express their ways of user usability. Eventually, it will bring goodness to both desktop world and others.

What can be said about this lengthy post?

The world is on the usability study that much, but our, Indonesian, IT are lacking of it. Well, I can really assure you, at least the application I participated to develop, will have user usabilty goodness in it.

REFERENCE: [AIS] Aseigo. [GROWL] Growl. [MARK] Shuttleworth, Mark. 2008.

One Must Have Package

One Must Have Package

If you ever been wondered why your GNU/Linux Debian missing the DRI capability, you should know that now Debian ships the Firmware into new package called:


This is due to legal and political policy of Debian which is not wanting to be tainted by non-free softwares. The package is containing BLOB [non-techie reader reads: no source, binary only) firmwares that needed to activated some of the capability. I guess that is the price of freedom and good quality means.

KPK: People vs People’s Representative

KPK: People vs People’s Representative

If you have wondered about my {facebook,YM!,GMAIL} status, here’re some flash.  There is a crucial matter concerning Anti-Corruption Commission (KPK/Komisi Pemberantasan Korupsi) that’ve been disrupting the work of that commission. KPK had and always done splendid jobs at keeping this country’s trust, but with the incident of murder case of Nasruddin which involve Antasari, the head of KPK, jeopardizing its existence. This matter is really making Indonesia on the test in the eye of  not just international society but even in the eye of its people.

I don’t care about Antasari as I don’t even believe in Ustad/Vendetta/Pastors/etc. As long as the person is human, the person is prone to error. He may/may not part of the murder case and I trust the legal court to decide. BUT, it does matter to me when it’s part of the conspiracy to put down KPK.

The 3rd Commission of DPR suggests that KPK is now crippled and every decision they made is ill-found.


After they f*ck up badly on the existence of Special Corruption Court (Pengadilan Tipikor/Pengadilan Tindak Pidana Korupsi) Law with lingering and not legalizing its own law, now they want to screw KPK?

If you read all of national online media, you could see how the readers reacted to the story. I’ve never found anything like that. Whenever a public figure falls down, the readers always comment negatively about the person. They even put vulgar/bad words on them. But, look at how people try to defend KPK/Antasari. How they want to see a clear road of this case.

Usually, people don’t mind and feels like it’s only a lame entertainment of the media showed to us. But, this time is  all about the legitimation of people’s hope. Hope for a better nation, better administrative, and for better future. KPK had given so much of that hope. Their track record really amazed us and how they can keep with it and trying by extending their case level per level so that everyone will not get away.

Their way of proving cases is so determined and without proper evidence they would never go with the case.  But, because of their careful doing, they have successful hit rate per case. Additionally, their good works also because of the existence of Special Corruption Court that consists of enough good people ensuring the case is not getting away easily.

I don’t feels like to put any reference. This is suppose to be a rant. I trusted this country and DPR sucking my nationalism by passing Pornographic Law. But, what KPK gives me is the hope that this country still fixable.

Do you know how I feel now?

I wish I didn’t vote at 2004 and wish 2009 I didn’t vote. Unfortunately, I vote! :((

Oh my God, I have voted criminals that jeopardizing this country.  Please forgive me, Lord, because I voted at 2004 and 2009.

pissed 😡

Debian Moving Their Core C Library

Debian Moving Their Core C Library

Debian is moving from GLIBC (GNU C Library) into EGLIBC (Embedded GNU C Library). [AUR] For you the fainted heart, let me explain what is this means: GNU/Linux Debian distro will make all of their packages compiled against EGLIB. This is big, thus, it may introduce binary incompatibilities. Are they/we ready for the concequences?

What’s behind this? Well, implied from [AUR], the main cause is because the one of the maintainer of GLIBC is an arrogant being. I guess coding in years and become fame do makes people like that — especially technical people that being trained to do reasoning with code not with human. With that unfriendly attitude that brought down talents and good karmas, many projects looses people. This is because FOSS projects is a contribution project and people can bring whatever they wish. BUT, Debian is a BIG project that affects other projects and this also, IMHO, will make social impact too to FOSS community as a whole.

On the light note, as noted by commenter on [AUR], every distros out there already using heavily patched GLIBC version. Noone use the vanilla. Nevertheless, moving from GLIBC to EGLIBC is not like moving X11 from XFree86 to Xorg. We are talking about the basic library to make everything functional here. So, we may see our mission critical code runs correctly against it.

The day of using EGLIBC is yet to come, so don’t worry about it now. Even if the day comes, the non-techie user will not even feels it, hopefully…



Another Trial to Indonesia Anti-Corruption Movement

Another Trial to Indonesia Anti-Corruption Movement

Aaa.. Antasari is being held as witness (or already a criminal). Some people wants him down. But, can KPK be as productive as they were?

My sense of nationalism is in the hand of KPK, which is the reason why I still believe in this country. Other have failed me, even DPR (which should be the voice of people) hurts me bad. Hopefully, either Antasari found guilty or released from all of the charge, the reaction of each of this country celebrities (ahem.. I mean politicians), have a positive mental attitude.

Don’t play around with this country hope!

cat /dev/urandom | grep mail

cat /dev/urandom | grep mail

The world is an example of imperfect. Everything differ from each other. But, the worst part of it is the people whom taking profit out of people misery.

Let’s talk about spammer. There are times where people would scam as some random people very rich, so rich that the person/bot needs random people on the Net to transfer his/her account. In many times, they would just advertise sex pills or porn. But what concern me these past few days, they would take another into another level: scamming mails with religious content. This is very discerning!

I know that some of us choose not to have any religious belief and I respect that. Most of them are well educated and took a liberty in thinking that believing on some legends is nonsense. I understand, it is hard to believe on something that’s paradox. I mean, look all the religion in this world, they would bring nothing but destructions under something unproven that they call God; believing in mysticism without ever seeing one is also unacceptable.

It’s fine and I took that into account. That too also a religion, a belief that God is a void. Just like the latin word it comes from, “religere”, a religion is a community of order. God just an ingredient to keep the order and you would took off that ingredient to formulate a better one.


as a part of world community where other religions exists too, can’t you have tolerance towards us? Why you would take someone else’s faith and make it as a scam to threat Internet community? They say that religion based on deity such as Christianity, Islam, etc is a faith-based that ruthlessly voiding other. Guess what? We too learn to have tolerance, so why can’t you also?

Oh, speaking of ethics, did you know that we have ethics? We even have an RFC that rules about ethics on Internet (netiquette). Unfortunately, with the grow of Internet, especially in gaming, people would step out and took off that netiquette. Nowadays I would see people mailing with abusing symbol. Took me sometimes to accept it as a way to talk because it got me mad when first time receive such. The gsame community such as Ragnarok endorse it. Webmails like Yahoo! and GMail also endorse that. The infamous worm/virus/trojan-friendly mail client Outlook also endorse it. So, I guess the RFC is obsolete now, isn’t it?

Thinking of abuser, how should we deal with mail abuser?

Some faculty have their own mail server(s). Some of them have great admin, greater than me at least. To them, I’m trusting them. But, recent spam breakthroughs indicate that some of them not doing it well. You see, maintaining mail server is not a day or two works. Heck, we even still learning new ways and techniques to provide better user experience. But, they seems neglecting those job. To the kind of them, what should we do?

Normally in other realms, such abusive use would made them cut off, banned from the rest of the net.  We can do that, but what about the users? What about the user satisfaction that we strive to deliver?

Speaking of user satisfaction, my friends are all developing new Webmail. Kudos to Mr. A and friends that made this far. We used to be joking about who would have win the user, Horde’s IMP or SquirrelMail. Took me sometimes to take the defeat and accept the Squirremail as the current winner. But, you just wait, I’ll be back! [read with Arnold’s tone]

The problem now is about the compability in contact list that provided by IMP. I think they are working out hard to import them into Squirrelmail. Meanwhile, I think we, IMP user, just have to have patient.

Moving from old infrastucture to a new infrastucture is not an easy job. With the growth of userbase and the use of Hotspot that enables more connections, we have to make a leap. This leap is needed to cope all our university needs. Unfortunately, that leap is not an evolution but a revolution, everything (including the server and the architecture) is being rebuilt from scratch. Maybe some of us take the hiccup and some of us may felt cumbered. I, from what I see, think that we are progressing well and the direction of making mails easily maintainable and accessed is better. If you take notice, Webmail are faster now and our 200 MB per user quota is an achievement of email storage. (Remember, we used to have 40 MB per user)


User Expectation

User Expectation

Joolean made a post about my current theme. [1] It is obviously not user friendly, especially when the buttons don’t show up. It gives the impression that I have a comment placeholder with no way to submit.

Is it a bug? It is definitely not a bug. The buttons are there, although they seems invincible. It is not a visual bug, but a feature.

First of all, a blog is an expresion of a person or some group of people presented in a time line fashion just like a journal or a diary. Of course, blog just like other site content is publicly available as a reading to other which make it differ from a diary. It is (usually) intended to help people sharing their ideas to other people and expect inputs from it. There is also niche of people that made blog as their thinking repository only, thus making it private and no comment. Fortunately, I intended to use my blog as a tool for sharing idea.

What is my expectation of my reader?

From the result of comment statistics so far, I found out that there are three type of audience that share their comments:

  • My friends.

  • Passing by people

  • Spammer

The first one is obviously will give comments without hesitation because they have a connection with me. I’m subscribed on Planet CSUI02 aggregation site. They would obviously follow my posts. The passer-by people would not comment so much about my site. Lastly, the spammer giving their comments within whatsoever topic with unrelated topic.

Why would the passer-by and any common people would failed to see my blog? If you’ve read my post, especially the last entry of my blog right before this one, you would see what type of people that can understand the language. Yes, the reader need at least some background for the person to understand the topic.

For instance, I would refer GNU/Linux Debian operating system as Debian without proper explanation of what it is. I would written the article about my politic opinion without explaining deeply of what was happening back there. It would not bother me if the reader wasn’t understand at all. All in all, in my expectation, the target audience are people with proper knowledge to read the entries or people that eagerly seeks for knowledge. The kind of people that would understand where  the submit button is.

There are philosophical things about the button.

I am using GNU/Linux as an operating system. Currently as the time of writing, I’m using GNU/Linux Ubuntu Jaunty 9.04 pre-release. There is this thing of bug where people thinks that the web belong to GUI only and starting to compromise their design to look better only in certain platform. This is a step back from the basic idea of HTML/WWW as an open standard: to have a way to have consistent look in every platform.

For instance, take a look of the way people making their CSS nowadays. CSS is a good thing to begin with. People playing with CSS to make the idea works. They would stylizing anything so it would look good. But, take a look at this:

Not very visible in dark theme

Luckily, I don’t use a very dark theme like I used to. On the old days, I would just guessing what I have typed, blocking it so often just to see what was written. This is because of the false assumption of people. They would assumed that every platform in this planet would use white as default background and black as the default foreground. I found worse than this one that stylizing the input form with yellow and leave the font color as is.

I’m using the computer for hours and dark theme soothing my eyes and generating less power than the usual. My desktop looks cool than that of the other people. The theme and the wallpaper be a good combo for a remedy from my work. It really soothing to have the sexy desktop.

Why would I change my whole desktop theme so that I can comment on particular site?

Not all users using olive, silver, and blue theme. There exists people whom live with black themes and themes that have low contrast between foreground and background color just like what I’m using right now. So, why not completely CSS-ing whole part of your site or just relaxing some part and give user’s platform to render it consistently (readable at least)?

Oh, another about the button, is because I’m using KDE 4.2 recently. If you view my site [2] with Konqueror and press [CTRL] button, you would see this:

Hovering Keyboard Shortcuts

There you would see the [S] button as the shortcut to submit your comment. (Kinda like easter egg?  😎 )

Another philosophical thing that made me choose the theme:

There is more than meets the eye







BR  == Broken System which in /dev/sda6


mount $BR /mnt

chroot /mnt

mount -a

BROKEN_PACKAGE=”dirmgr mysql-server-5.1″

DO1=apt-get -f install && dpkg-configure -a

DO2=dpkg -L $BROKEN_PACKAGE | xargs rm -f;

DO3=dpkg -L $BROKEN_PACKAGE | xargs rm -<strong>r</strong>f;

echo Oops.. :((





if [ -e $(mount | grep /dev/sda1) ] ; then

exit (0)





rm -rf $BR/media $BR/usr $BR/var $BR/opt $BR/boot $BR/dev $BR/bin $BR/sbin $BR/lib

^C ^C ^C

echo Aaaaaaa…..! Too late!



NB: I can’t fscking the data it’s on NTFS…

./summon idur