What @jgcaap said:

Hello everyone. Lets do this to be completly stable for everyone.

TWRP version by katinatez is the version i recomend. Use that version to flash anything.

after booting on recovery you’ll have to flash firmware: https://basketbuild.com/filedl/devs?dev=jgcaap&dl=jgcaap/OnePlusFirmware-CM.zip

After that reboot recovery, in order to the recovery read information about new firmware.

Flash ROM: http://download.jgcaap.xyz/files/oneplusone/cm-13.0/cm-13.0-20160130-jgcaap-bacon.zip And after flash UKM: http://download.jgcaap.xyz/files/oneplusone/kernel/UKM-NewKernel.zip

Flash Slim gapps mini to have acess to the now tap.

After booted to have control of the kernel you’ll have to install the app called synapse.

What doesn’t work on synapse is Max and min frequency, because MPdecision decides. I’ve never implemented a limiter as it causes regressions. But after some investigation I think i’ll include a version of @Lord Boeffla as he explained to me there are no regressions on planting up his driver for limiting speed.

If you guys do exactly as is, there should be no issues for you. Stable and simple.



After 8 months of reading, i’ve pulled off an improvement to HOST toolchain 4.8 . Is not yet as i want to be, but it provides an extra speed and “perfection” to the rom.

Have fun