Many thought in the past that NGINX only as a slave to his CGI/FastCGI/WSGI masters. NGINX could only served documents provided by his master. Helplessly, he could only turned 50x every single time its master died.

Why, why did it so having bad luck? Twas never his fault at memory leaking because his master doing forbidden arts. He could only sighted on its masters. Even though he knew his master innate ability was insufficient, he could only watched as the master fallen into depth of hell, died.

Heaven was not cruel. Or perhaps, there were karmic universe that balanced everything. Soon NGINX found out about something.

On the night of the living dead, NGINX found a script on a cave. It was a Moonscript. A script formed by one of the divine language, Lua.

What luck was this? His innate ability was Lua. He understood every single thing that the script compiled at him.

Inside the perch there was a set of divine arts. An art called Lapis Web Framework. It contained many MVC and clean programming methods. It could tied databases and CSRF for save programming.

How could this be? Could it be? Find out more next episode.