I won’t bother translate my writing into Bahasa Indonesia. This is seriously experimental and could brick said device. Besides, I’m speed writing to myself.

I stopped using MIUI because of the new Lollipop. The battery life was not that long, one day only, with the last MIUI built. There were too many wake up locks and I was seeing packets being sent to servers.

That being said, MIUI impressively blocked short message ads. I was not getting any short message ads at all. I realized that after I changed my ROM. The short messages returned.

Anyway, moving on to Cyannogen Mod 12 (CM12), I’ve tried many CM12 ROMs. The CM12 build that lasted for me is Resurrection Remix 2.2.1 build. But, after Temasek built, AlegenMod, was released today, I’m wavering to that ROM. Simply because it has the richest feature as of right now.

Here’s the procedure for every CM12 I’ve installed. The different only in ROM’s ZIP. Everything is practically the same.

  1. Advance Wipe deleting system, apps, cache and dalvik cache. Basically, everything but the Internal Storage.
  2. Install ROM zip, e.g. AlegenMod.
  3. Install GApps zip, I chose Micro GAPPS from PA.
  4. Install RenderBroken kernel zip.

After the first reboot to the system, I installed these packages:

  1. Synapse, a kernel configurator. This is mandatory. My LG G2 was hotter (in temperature, obviously) and the battery depleted faster  without this one.
  2. F-Droid, a Free/Open Source Software market.
  3. AdAway, an ad blocker that could only be installed from F-Droid. Hey, I’ve paid my connection! I won’t pay those bytes for downloading ads.
  4. ZXing, the ultimate barcode reader.
  5. Spirit2 experimental built for FM radio. Do note that this is experimental. I had to wait for about 15 seconds to turn it ON/OFF. Meaning, you have to wait for 15 seconds every time you turn the button ON/OFF.

A shout out to an app: Alkitab by YUKU, the best Bible software in Android. He was banned from Google Play for no particular reason. Oh, wait, just found out he is now uploading the new Alkitab as Alkitab SABDA in Google Play with different publisher name. Still, I’m using the original Alkitab 4.0 BETA 11. 😛

What’s missing now is the IR blaster software. Everything else is ready for daily driver.