Left Unnoticed

In this evolving world, all  come and go. There are  times when we are the sun. There are  glorious days when we are exalted. There are times when people need us. There are times when we are significance.

Then, there will be a time when we must make a journey. Journey which we will ended up being alone, unnoticed. Some would let not go of the truth by lingering. They would cling unto something they might got. Some would spit on people whom they thought were into them. And some would try to forget that.

There would be times when we prime. There would be times when we should preparing. In those times, lets make ways for the new one. For our time is short in this young earth.

There would be times our children look upon us. They would cling unto us. They would listen to us. Then, they would make their own ways. Suddenly, we are not needed that much anymore. That’s okay, that’s natural.

Parting is a painful process. Not because it is the truth. Not because it is a process of lifecycle. It is because it sets us apart from the world we knew. It’s a lonesome journey.

As people make ways for the newcomers, the old left unnoticed. When the journey must be walked, all that’s left is us and our Creator. Viva la vida.