Finally I can play all of my Musepack files on my Android phone. Recently I’ve moved my CD collection into Musepack. The annoying part is most player only plays the obsolete SV7 format. I’m using SV8 format.

The andless player is on its way for playing SV8. Until then, Rockbox alpha4 for Android is the best for me.

It has advance features like equalizer, stereo widening, compression, and bunch another missing features that a modern player should have. Despite all of those important, I disable them. This is because I’m using CyannogenMod 7 (CM7) which include them already via DSP Manager. I’m also using a good headset and ripping my own CD. So, the quality is desirable. No need for steroids… 🙂

Mind you that Rockbox quite confusing at the beginning. But, it would perfectly fine. You’ll get it anyway. Still, now what I’m still learning is how to quit the apps. Other than that, I’m OK.