Knight In The Shinny Armor

The Knight

Everyone is like a princess.

Waiting for her knight in a shinny armor comes with his glory. He would break the silence. He would bleed and get dirty. He will not falter no matter what. All that sketches in his mind is a princess waiting for him at the end of the darkness.

Dragon, witches, castle


With his glory, he fights the odds. He fights the fiercing dragon. He fights the witches and break the spells that cast upon. He crosses the river. He breaks down the centuries unmoved gate. Climb to the tallest tower and save the princess.

Then, that prince would tell the princess how much he loves her. The prince would bow down and asks her to marry him. He takes the princess to his kingdom and makes her his queen for life.

Broken Heart

The Prince's Heart

Little did the princess know…

that the prince’s heart was broken in the process.

–:: F I N ::–


How to install MyPaint?

In Ubuntu (available since Lucid) or Debian (since Squeeze):

In Gentoo:

Althougth MyPaint have multiple layers, I only uses one layer. I think this should be a short showcase to show how people could draw good using free software. The trick is how you could make your art from available tool. For instance, I’m using a mouse not a tablet. So, I would not try to use brushes that have gestures. I choose sketch type drawing because I know it would be hard to draw a straight line, nor I have time to get the finishing touch.

I’m experimenting using a pen brush in the first drawing. A knight in the shinning armor should be a scketch in everyone’s mind. So, I think we should not draw that knight more vivid than the obstacles. Well, nobody has ever knew their knights, right? Not until they found one.

Thanks to the experimental/soft brush I can create the effect of shadows around the knights. It has a nice property of generating cloud according the hand movement. Just move and shake, you would get a nice random cloud. I also use  some other random brushes for adding effects.

The second drawing, the dragon, the witches, and a castle, is the most fun and easiest to draw. With the concept of how obstacles more daring than reality, I choose to use thick line for them. I use deevad/brush brush and some alike. I don’t like obstacles but I could not pretend that it isn’t there.

The odd thing about obstacles is, we often think it was so big. Yet, we failed to have detailed idea of what the problem is. That’s why, I drew the dragon with little detail and flawed. I also add some vague line just for the better detail.

The third draw is actually an old concept when I used Blender 3D. The idea was showcased on my site years ago — because it was on Geocities, I can’t show you the 3D drawing anymore. But, the fun part of this time is the charcoal brush. It left a deep impression of a rigged edges. I can even draw cracks with detailed flaw easily. I use smudge and map brush to have the heart filled with colors. I find it hard to use just charcoal. Besides, I have put a dark background first at the back before I realized that it was a heart of a prince. So, I put yellow and a handful colors from red pallete.

I love the charcoal to make the image. Especially the part where the heart was broken. Using a black charcoal brush I can make the heart is like rotten and hurt in that part. I admit that I use other random brush also. But, I can’t remember because I was just testing.

Adding the touch, I use fin instead of the end. I think the way French movie flow is like the story. They usually have a cheesy song and a happy beautiful things. Yet, usually the movie ended up with bad ending. Yuck!

Thus, with a free software, a mind, and a concept, you could create your freedom of expression. Btw, do you want the three sources? Let me know.