We have heard of Software-as-a-Service, Infrastucture-as-a-Service, and so on. Now we have Testing-as-a-service. Everything is pushed to the cloud.

The cloud may be a convinient way to handle resource efficiency. But, who can guarantee the data there would not be misused? Can a corporate guarantee data? Can a single government guarantee data? Can a consorsium handle the privacy?

DMCA, copyrights, and all the past relics is nothing but a burden now. If the data pushed into the cloud, how could you ensure your copyright? It’s like a stupid bureaucrat of a certain place in a certain country that asking an airplane to get back. Plainly stupid!

What you post in the Internet can’t be deleted. EVER!

Affero license of GNU may be the answer but whom shall comform that? Whom willing to do so? Even that, can someone guarantee if the data is not leaking?

We may see the future of cloud computing, but we also may see days where we would asked if we are enslaved. Welcome to the digital imperialism.