What is this

MegaCLI is a command line tool to manage LSI’s MegaRAID controller. With this tool we can do things without rebooting our system. We use it for MegaRAID SCSI, MegaRAID SAS, etc.


Don’t forget to install

rpm, cpio, and unzip.

To make it simple, I install these:

$ sudo apt-get install alien unzip

is a utility that converts RPM to DEB. We don’t use it, but it pull bunch of tools needed for us later. We can just purge it and uninstall it after finish.


  1. Download the MegaCLI tool from LSI website.
  2. Unzip MegaCli-8.00.29-1.i386.rpm from the zip file.
  3. Install sysfsutils:
    $ sudo apt-get install sysfsutils
  4. Extract MegaCLI from the RPM:
    $ rpm2cpio MegaCli-2.00.15-1.i386.rpm | cpio -idmv
  5. Put in the /opt: $ sudo mv opt/MegaRAID /opt
  6. Done.

We will have MegaCli64 and MegaCli applications. If you see the zip file, it contains another file: Lib_Utils-1.00-08.noarch.rpm. This file contains binaries of sysfsutils version 2.0.2 and source code version 2.2.0. For security and convinient, I stick with the binary distribution from Debian/Ubuntu.