Sony Ericsson W508 + OpenOffice Presenter + KDE 4.4.x = GG!

For non (Warcraft) gamer, it means:

Sony Ericsson W508 + OpenOffice Presenter + KDE 4.4.x = World Domination!

I’ve just found out that SE W508 Presenter is supported by KBluetooth. It means, I can make it as my controller for screen projection. All of controller were detected.

How to do it?

Just set your phone to be discoverable and set your laptop as discoverable as well. Connect them, and let them trust each other (you know the drill, put PIN). I’m sorry for the no screenshots. I have no camera, but the phone itself.

Hardware involved:

  • Lenovo Y41
  • Sony Ericsson W508

Software used:

  • Kubuntu Lucid
  • OpenOffice 3.2 (from Kubuntu)
  • KBluetooth
  • KDE 4.4.x (from Kubuntu)

Feel free to comment. If you have an urge in needing of screenshot, I shall reconsider to put them later. But, in the meantime I am really busy.