If you ask me, what FOSS that I use. I would like to share it a little now.

# Operating System

Kubuntu 10.04 pre-release.

## Desktop

KDE SC 4.4

## Command line

I use Yakuake.

# Productivity Tools

For serious document, e.g. scientific paper, I use LaTEX. It is used on international journal. Many have their own template so I can do better writtings with it.

For making leaflet and simple document, I’m using OpenOffice.org 3.2.

For graphics, I entrusts GIMP + inkscape.

# Administering tools

## Database

For mySQL, I’m using TORA. I know it’s kinda weird using tool that was for Oracle. Well, it works for me.

For PostgreSQL, I’m using pgAdmin 3. I’m used to this tool. Its simple interface and the SQL browser and query is make sense to me. When I was the admin of database, I used to use this tools to do the vacuum operation flawlessly.

For web-based, I entrust all to PHP{my|pg}Admin. But, I don’t use this quite well.

## Web server

Apache HTTPd 2 (Apache2). This is the defacto standard on the web. It quite heavy, usually I’m combined it with others.

Lighttpd with AIO. It is available at SVN (SVN Head) and quite handy. I know this apps stable enough from a friend that runs an anime fansite. I use this for… (hehehe….)

NGINX. I don’t know what is NGINX capable of, but Iang showed this is the good thing. Many portals on Universitas Indonesia running with this as a proxy to Apache and whatever Rails server.

As you can see, I usually using a hybrid solution to get both advantages.

## Scripting

BASH. Yes, I know perl, but BASH by far is the make sense for me. I am not a script guru, but small programs in GNU/Linux is my Swiss army knife.

# Programming

## Netbeans

This is the real thing for Java programmer like me. I don’t want to start a flamewar, so for the fair mention, my co-worker using Eclipse as his tool.

## Project Management


## SCM

SVN and now considering to Mercurial.


# Fun

## Activity

I found it amusing that the plasma by KDE4 is a fun thing. It connects directly to Open Desktop community. It means it connect to any websites that uses Open Desktop specification.

## Chatting

Unfortunately, I’m using Pidgin because we use Proxy in campus. But, right now I’m using Kopete on my laptop because I’m using IM2 Broom.

Oh, I thank Indosat for their service. Since early February, I have full connection and the connection is stable. Now I can upgrade and download from everywhere, including my house. I used to do upgrades from campus because of the crappy signal it used to have.

## Microblogging


## Browser

Because I’m in the KDE land, I’m using Arora + Konqueror. But, I still keeping my Firefox just in case.

## CD Tools

I’m using K3B for ripping my CDDA into ogg/flac. Use it also to write ISO to blank media.

## Blogging

I’m new to Blogilo, but now I’m trying to post using it.

What FOSS you would use?