Today’s update on Lucid, Firefox is on the 3.6 version and still using firefox-3.5-branding. However, Ars reported that Canonical made a deal with Yahoo! to include their search engine as the default, not Google. So, I will expect the next update would change the default search engine into Yahoo! search engine (Bing).

The neat feature of KDE 4.4 that it is integrated with OpenDesktop is an emerging open standard that promote social site compability degree. The simple explanation is a Facebook-like open API that can be implemented by many websites so that they compatible each other.


With the desktop tight up with OpenDesktop, I can download any KDE content and vote for it. What a neat feature! I’m using pwgen to generate password so it’s kinda hard to remember all of my passwords (one password per site!). That’s why I don’t log that much into many sites, including KDE-Look. Thanks to the implementation, Kubuntu Lucid (KDE) now become more and more integrated with web.

I’m using Netbook-plasma from KDE 4.4. It has a neat feature, making the maximized applications without border. But, sometimes I wish that the dialog box not into windows mode and not maximized also. I wish it could be docked into the plasma’s dock. Hmm… just like Mac? Dunno.

I’m sorry with no screenshot, I have a great deal of work right now. If you want, I can provide one, though. Just feel free to comment.