My Ubuntu Lucid now running well. I use KDE plasma-netbook and looking great and stable. KRunner occasionally crashed, but it’s acceptable because of Alpha version. But, all-in-all, my computer is rocking solid:

$ uptime
12:15:10 up 2 days, 22:48,  2 users,  load average: 0.38, 0.51, 0.36

FYI, last quarter of 2009 is  a bad year for ATi cards because of the migration from DRM to DRM2 (MESA) which introduce the new architecture: Gallium3D. My poor Debian is not in the right state right now because of the legal issue that made Debian stripped away all the (working) firmware. Fortunately, kernel 2.6.33 would be the comeback of ATi cards and hopefully will be able to get my Debian workstation well. In the meantime, hello Ubuntu! 😀

An interesting note about Debian is that GRUB 2 had given some love and now using graphical menu selector. It was something from GSOC 2008, but it wasn’t implemented because of the font legal issue. Now it’s on Debian Experimental, given that Lucid still synchronizing from Debian, it is a matter of time before Ubuntu got that one too. If you want more, you could give BURG, a GRUB pretified version, a try.

== Next is a human side of me, just stop here if you don’t like it 😀 ==

On my human side, my friend had lost his dad yesterday. His father was known as JQ, one of the former member of Srimulat. This morning was his ceremony. I hope my friend could get over his grief.

On side note, my respect for Tukul! He was there last night in his simplicity to pay respect for the lost. He came alone and paid respect dearly. Wow!

Well, I guess old actors doesn’t get attention like what they did on their glorious day. But, a friend or two, especially the one that still infamous, that came for him is a gift. I don’t have that kind of glory, nor famous, just an average IT staff. But, I wonder if I died will my friends still considering (even remembering) me?

My other friend is blogging again. She was blogging on blogspot but stopped two years ago. Recently, she wanted to blog again. She subscribed to Multiply, thank God the blog only had few posts. Multiply had an annoying feature that only letting Multiply users to comment on the blog. So, I suggested her to move her blog into Blogdetik. What’s good about this is because my nationality is rising up again. FYI, it went bottom because of the Prnographic Bill get passed (pun intended).


The interesting part is about our local content that without I (did you too?) realised has become rich enough, but sadly no authority promoting them seriously. I wish ISPs and Telcos would discount people when accessing local content. This is visible considering they are all connected throug OpenIIX. I wish for some part, Telcos and ISPs would set aside their rivality. Hey, I even wish there would be to make it really Indonesia. But, those my wish and may be just another crazy dreams… or not?   😉

Iang was telling me to use DVCS and I take the bait (thx Iang). I was considering GIT and Mercurial and now using Mercurial. The preference was not because of any special thing. I chose Mercurial because 4Front using it for serving its OSS4 repository. Indeed, it was very easy to setting and my experience with Github making me felt bad about GIT. Hey, I am a poor guy behind firewall. Luckily, Mercurial is by default serving with HTTP.

Don’t get me wrong, I am new into this DVCS thing and I had enough with SVN that sometimes got corrupted revisions. I wished for someone that knowledgable enough to get me with GIT. In the meantime, I go with Mercurial. Just like this person said, just use whatever tool that can fit you.

Btw, why is it common for Telcos nowadays texting people with promo? Do we have a protection law that forbid those companies to texting people with ads? Do we have a bill that protecting one’s private info? Is there a way to stop this ads? Dear lazyweb, help.