Well, after the mess I made, screwed my workstation with Lucid upgrade. I finally decided to reinstall my Ubuntu. Mind you that Lucid is still on Alpha phase, so if you think that is not cool, wait until its prime time. Oh, btw, Lucid is a LTS and Ubuntu known to release unstable version if it was LTS. But, let’s just wait to prove that Ubuntu have break that habit, shall we? 😀

I’m installing the Lucid via debootstrap, just like the way in Karmic with special adjustment. I was planning on putting the Plymouth into action. So, when in the chrooted stage, I was installing Plymouth. But, it seems we need to tweak the Plymouth. Oh, btw, my Grub is using Debian Experimental’s, may be I need to adjust the boot parameters. Well, that’s the different story.

Here’s what I discover when installing preliminary Lucid:

  • SSH is not installed by default, neither the client nor the server.
  • Yakuake is in universe! That awesome must have Kubuntu application is in Universe?
  • PGAdmin3 is in the universe! Wow, this is a must have if you are an administrator.
  • KDE 4.4 Rocks! Integration is awesome
  • Everything seems natural for me

Talking about integration, when I was running Konqueror for the first time, I was asked to install additional packages that were needed to enable multimedia capability (which was stripped because of some countries copyright law). The great thing about KDE4.4 is the neat animation and placeholder. Many things now attached to its main component. For instance, the add widget is no longer a dialog, but a neat bar below.

Oh, the notification now have a history. You could see history per application so that you would never miss one. This is better than that Ayatana, creating more applet just to click.

FYI, I have now removed all of the Application Menu, including Lancelot. I just need to press META+R (or ALT+F2) and type what I want to do. Btw, when I was setting up the Run application, I just see QuickSand logo! QuickSand is a technology just like Finder in Mac, enabled by configuring Run to use Task oriented. That’s it, no more useless click. This is good for me, I have this tendency to forget what to do. With this, for instance, I want to do something with my study, I just type “kuliah”, then it would point me “KULIAH” directory. Well, at least now I am no longer lost. 🙄

Well, there are a lot things I would like to discover, but I will share that later. Time to work and discovering wonderful things!

Some screenshots:

My Desktop with KDE 4.4

Attached Configuration