Today’s half pole flag not only attributed for Gusdur, but also for the death of professional Indonesian soccer. Yesterday’s defeat is the shame we all have to take. Why are we still watching? Why are we still believing? Why am I still hoping that they are good enough?

Ever since the incident with Thailand, “Sepak bola gajah” (elephant soccer), Indonesian soccer team degrading into suckers. Yet, I see shining stars like Hendro Kartiko, Bambang Pamungkas, and (my favorite) Kurniawan arise but only to fall. I also admire Boas, but unfortunately the incident with his leg made him not like the one used to be. We have Markus Horizon, but….

Ah, gotta go to work, now. That Indonesian supporter that rushed into the field were doing the right job expressing of how we, the Indonesian fan, frustrated. Frustrated not by the match, but by the quality that had been given by today’s Indonesian football system. He was the man of the match.