Hopefully I’m not spoiled the movie. I wanted to write it in my style, just like in my old blog, talking about Mark Weiser, geo sciences, and stuff. I pulled them off because this is Christmas! I don’t want to bother people with heavy stuff. But, hey, I want to talk about it anyway in hopefully a light review.

I was triffled when I saw the last scene, when the movie showed the world of Na’vi.  OMG, so much resemblence with the rainforest. There I was, the last person watching and was thinking: “God, I may be the last generation that can watch the real thing”. My children may not see the forest as it used to be, or just like the movie said, we killed our own mother.

Could we be the generation that severe the bond?

Btw, I love the movie and it has so much Indonesia as reference. The dance is so Kecak! The plants and custom, so much like in Kalimantan. It really have the theme of today’s world. It in theme with COP15 and it does have the really sensitive theme: Technology vs Nature.

Sensitive, because I live from technology. Modern society also based on modern technology. Even our social live also affected in technology. The problem is, as the technology evolve, there is a gap between human relationship. The technology making private space shuttle, a pod, to protect human from others. It does protect a person from other, but it also put the person into solitude. Okay, stop here before I put some heavy stuffs. 😀

I’m sad that some people from IMBD hated this movie by pointing this as anti-American. That kind of hate also when Al Gore telling them “An Inconvinient Truth”. This movie is all about what our world is facing: “she is dying!” Take a look at http://www.globalwarming.org/ and see how much hate toward environmentalist people. Anyway, not all Americans think bad of environment, at least Al Gore don’t.

Tempo made an interesting fact when Emil Salim put a disappointed face towards Bush Sr. because he decided not to agree with the Summit. Bush Sr. invited Emil Salim and talked about how the Congress not agreeing to the environmental act so that he as the leader have to refuse. Then, he put his own account to help the environment.

It shows that America must not be viewed as her president, but the whole system. You can’t blame Obama for his lingering action. It’s just that it doesn’t work that way. Interestingly, the system can shut people with voice. How Patriot Act can shut people from using First Amendments, it’s amusing! Anyway, that’s other country business, not mine. So we stop here about politics.

There are another things that make this film is in theme with Indonesia. We owns of the last rainforest on earth, just like Brazil. We also have this kind of thing when many tribes (remember suku Kubu?) was forced from their lands.

The issue of corporates doing evil, even damaging many people, is so real. I don’t want to say what few that does that (that’s politics). But, if you read newspaper and open your eyes, you probably know what I mean.

Btw, not all corporate do evil, some even do marvelous things. To mention some would be like promotion. Again, if you watched TV, you know companies that do so.

Personally, this movie is like a wake up call. My paper for pervasive computing that was submitted on wednesday was about technology and nature combined. But, I can share that on another post. The Christmast flood in Sibolga was also a sign from God, environment, or whatever you want to believe, that there is something that we must do.

Is there a solution? I think Ubuntu as it’s name represents a lot of deep philosophical view. Blaming corporates, nations, nor people don’t gives us anything but hate. So, we must begin with questioning what value our lives is. Interestingly, “Lives Borderless” have that kind of theme in its ad.

All in all, this is my second time enjoying a movie just like Idiocracy. Even if you don’t get the message, you still can enjoy the movie. This movie have pop flick not like Gamer that vividly depict obscrunity. This movie have ILM as their 3D animator, that’s why all I can say that’s the reason why the graphics is SUPERB. 4 years of making is what makes this movie worth it.

Another movie that have the same theme mentioned is “Dances with wolves”. Some people said “Avatar” is a “Dances with wolves” in space…. In my case, Avatar would go 5 out 5 because of its brilliant timing and the pop flick. What a nice Christmas movie. :-))