Wave in Opera

Apparently as the time of writing, Google Wave can’t be run on latest stable Opera. Yes, I tried to use it in my own peril and it rendered Opera useless.

Doesn’t this means that web is not an open thing? Why W3C bothers to do standardization? Everyone has their own proprietary implementations. That’s may be a palatable offering in the past, yet it just hurting the whole community.  Why not trying to do standard things standard?

I know that there is an effort to make web standardized. But, since the era of Internet Explorer 4 vs Netscape Communicator 4 (ie4|ns4), we have yet to see the light. I see specific CSS value for specific browser, even it was an open browser. All that I can see about standardization evangelists are zealots that often represent their site in a poor state. They usually provide their site with simplicity. This to me, sadly, imply that standard web is a plain ugly site.

Don’t we have standards that up to its name?

Take a look at VRML, where it goes now? Where MathML would go now? How about SVG?

Hmm… how can we go semantics while the representation is bounded to specific browser?

Can we really take the web back or we just put it on another dictator?