This post is a post in my insomniac night. But, I’m trying not to be rude… (you know, people with lack of sleep tends to overreact :D)

From all GNU/Linux distribution, I have many common things: improvement. For instance, OpenSUSE would have decreased time when opening YaST, Ubuntu have greater desktop integration and friendliness, and Fedora gain very much speed. Overall, modern GNU/Linux distribution is well polished. Different from the time where I think a LFS is amazingly needed. Now I would not like to build another BLFS for my laptop.

An old school like me would find it difficult to find the settings. From the learning process of the new distros, I learned that we can now enable network from Network Manager. This brings confusion when I want to start my desktop as server mode and turn off the X11. Fortunately, “ifconfig” and “route” commands still available. Because of the behaviour, I would cautiously shutting down my GDM process. It would be nice if I shut down the X11, I can still have a connection.

IM2 also provide their product driver with Ubuntu (.DEB) and Fedora/SUSE (.RPM). This means, many of its (power) customer is having GNU/Linux as their operating system. Unfortunately, I’m unable to find it in their web. But, as this momentum I would like to say that GNU/Linux RULEZ! So, please for all of the education institutions out there: Please consider free/open source as a part of your curriculum, don’t poise your students with M* domination and stuffs! Things aren’t like what it was few years back.

I was just enthusiasts to hack into Beagleboard and building my own Netbook. I would like to implement my own machine with the following capabilities:

  • Touchscreen. From convensional, 3D, and multi touch, this is like must have. New xorg implementation can enable the multitouch and any funky input devices.
  • GPS + Accelerometer for better GUI experience and traffic (integrate with OpenStreepMap).
  • 3G+ CDMA modem. Can be built to have network bonding, providing better connection with reasonable cost.
  • WiFi is the man!

Well, few months ago, unfortunately I came to this site and found out that it was (partially) already implemented. Darn! I wished I was a year faster… 😀 Now, I just want to buy that stuff (still beta testing, though).

Can we achieve the same level as global people?

My answer, yes, we can! I can show you so many things that our university could achieve. But, I don’t have the guts to tell you all and for humility, I would like not to do so. We can have many researches open to our university.

Hey, do you remember I was talking about grid computing?

Today yesterday was a great moment when in class there was Pharmacy students following our presentation about building grid machines. We had the knowledge of setting up the infrastructure and didn’t even know what the infrastructure was for, until they showed how it meant to be. They understand the data, but they were only users of the machines. So, joining both world, we had an enlightenment of becoming a good team solving those computational tasks.

My personal hope is may the InGRID resurrect and gain its prosper, because we have the real deal here, real people with real data to experimenting with.

Wow, what have I write?

Dreams are dreams not illusions when it has steps and tools to capture another steps and creating another tools. Live your dream and may the source be with you! 😀