Rasterman, the leader of Enlightenment project just announce a great news on the e-devel, here’s a snippet of it:

We are working with a top-5 electronics producer (one of the largest in the world, who produces millions of mobile phones, televisions, sound systems and more per year) to bring Enlightenment and especially it’s deep technology to their products. In fact not just working with this manufacturer, but they are actively sponsoring development on Enlightenment and EFL to ensure it does what is needed for their products (beyond what it already does).

A great question comes to figure who is the producer in question? Let’s play.  😆

Nokia doesn’t produce TV and it already bought Trolltech. Trolltech was the company that produce Qt, the core component of KDE as GTK+ in Gnome. In the past, Qt was dual licensing (commercial license and GPL2 license). FYI, because of the dual licensing issue, many vendor choose to write its component using GTK2. Fortunately, Nokia added LGPL license.

It was an interesting story when we looked back how Nokia, a closed vendor choose to go into new approach. It had a stumble when its lead developer Ari made a shocking statement. Yet, thanks to the humble apology made by the man himself, the problem already overlooked. Ah, it was just about 1~2 years ago and Nokia had set the pace right. One of the respectable statement was Nokia as any other enterprise company just learning to deal with FOSS software. Yes, they were 2 years ago learning and now have a steady ground.

The result?

Nokia movement to embrace FOSS was right decision. It embrace the Open MAEMO (now Maemo)  project and the fruit is very significant. The awaited N900 product line and the decision of changing Maemo platform from GTK into Qt in Maemo 6, the next Maemo platform. So, I guess it isn’t Nokia. Oh, btw, now SymbianOS is open source.

How about Sony Ericsson?

Well, Sony and Sony Ericsson is two different division, so does that count? Besides, SE have already set its eXperia phone with Google Android.

Speaking of Android, there is HTC Hero that said to be launched in Jakarta in August. Don’t know if it’s available. Another interesting phone is Motorola (Verizon) Droid which proclaim itself as a strong opponent of iPhone. Unfortunately, it is only available in US.

Oh, btw, how about Motorola?

Well, it has its own GNU/Linux phone: Motorola Rokr E6 using  MonteVista Linux distribution. FYI, the dual screen screenshot was captured and sent via Bluetooth into my laptop using the phone. Motorola was the first phone producer that jump into Linux for its products. So, I guess the company have a mature roadmap. Besides, it doesn’t produce TV.

One of the commenter said about Samsung. That’s quite interesting. I haven’t heard of Samsung jumped into FOSS world. It has its motivation now: since SymbianOS open sourced, many company that revolved around it should take a slap in the face and woke to realize that FOSS no longer a kid’s toy. Samsung also produce TV and many household appliance.

My other guess is Sharp.

Since the beginning, E17 was developed and ran smoothly on Zaurus smart phone. Yes, this is why I think E17 is the future. Its low footprint will makes every cool device has a cool GUI in a decent computing power consumption. May be Sharp wants to have the E core developer a big hug, just like Nokia hugging the Maemo community.

But then again, where is Sharp in the mobile phone market?

LG also have the possibility to obtain the dream. It has Android phone recently. It has the motivation to have a leading against Nokia. I think this one also have the ability to turns against.

Phillips, ZTE, Huawei, and many arising vendor also have the chance to be the candidate, yet I haven’t see them in action.  Enterprise often uses various things to test its readiness. Because I haven’t found those various things, I can’t conclude nor include them.

Hence, my guess is Samsung. What would be yours?

PS: This post is a post to kill time while waiting my Fedora ISO download finished. Sorry for not having reference.