Still using OpenSUSE 11.2 on my laptop.

# Theme

Not like Ubuntu, every product have the same theme which very enterprisey., Mozilla, KDE, etc have OpenSUSE branding. This gets me the feeling of a professional distro.

# Power Management

Here’s the catch up:

  • When I plugged the A/C adaptor, power management turned into High Performance profile.
  • When I was on battery, power management turned into Powersave profile.
  • When my battery went low, my laptop went to Aggresive Powersave. This disable compositing.
  • When my battery under 10%,  it went into Suspend into RAM mode, with a good warning where I could disable that behavior.
  • When I plugged the A/C adaptor, the laptop ran into Performance again and suspend from RAM got me into my original state. Heck, even the UI HotSpot connection and a SSH session still running. WOW!


This KPowersave capability, but I don’t know if it runs on Kubuntu. I don’t have Kubuntu on laptop right now. Btw, Karmic can’t have my Fn button for brightness. OpenSUSE really excels in this.

# Community

This is where my previous disclaimer comes. When I was about to install development tools, I got a discouraging thread here. Honestly, I want to change back my distro right now because of the comment by RedDwarf. This is where Ubuntu excel the most! You see, this thread was on the top of Google search in term of “Opensuse build essential”. Of course, the global moderator and AndreasStieger done a great job to neutralize it. Yet, the effect still needs sometime for me to get over it.

Ubuntu have a statement: “Linux for human beings”. This statement was a strong statement by Ubuntu to make a GNU/Linux system for anyone can enjoy. If you see the structure of the forum, we will have:

  • Newbie section
  • and other section…

With this section, Ubuntu ensure that any ridiculously simple question get answered with good manner.  The amazing “Code of Conduct” makes sure that everyone have the right attitude. The Ubuntu project based its core on community-driven approach. Heck, even I came from Debian world where RTFM was common, amazed by this approach.

# Conclusion

I found it weird if I was getting discourage by a minor post. OpenSUSE offers a lot of new possibilities that worth of using it. The learning curve is about the packaging style which differ from Debian. Next, I will try to test Fedora, but for now I will abuse my OpenSUSE laptop. 😀