No, this is not about the doom in 2012 or current Indonesia issue (which forcing me updating my screen on, which normally I don’t read any of Indonesia online media). But, this is just an update of what happened in the Internet itself.

Deprecating The Use of “www” [NO-WWW]

If you see many websites, there is a constant movement to eradicate “www” from URLs. The use of “www” is not mandatory and only making the URL too long.Why is it worthless?The DNS reads the URL from back. For example, if you query, this means that your browser would look into top level id DNS, then the id DNS connect to ac DNS, then connect to ui DNS (ID->AC->UI).Prefix “www” was a convention only a convention to split between “www” content and other content such as “ftp”, “gopher”, etc.Of course, people that get used with “www” are kept with it.

Social Networks Powering Community

The Internet is a wild place to put tantrum on someone’s site and nothing gets you from it. Fortunately, if it used right, the result is unexpectingly change the way people go. Before the Internet era, information is scarce and put people globally work together is next to impossible.In order to cover the gap. Various ways of connecting people arouse. The way of they evolve:

  • From bulletin board, mailing list, and forum we have discussion board evolved.
  • With Geocities, Angelfire, Lycos, and co. we have personal page.
  • With early social media, Friendster, orkut, etc. we got personal info online.
  • Blogger, WordPress, Type3, etc. moving people into blogging.
  • Then twitter,,, etc. moving people into microblogging.

If you asked me, I’m still considering microblogging is stupidly unuseful. But, that’s me, the era of Friendster was 2002~2003, but I got my account in 2005 because of the privacy concern that freaked me at the time. But then I realize, I have missed a reunion because it was only circulating in social media. People comfortable with the media and felt more connected than using mailing list. It was like telling your friend personally, I think.But, the era has come that the social media is gonna be a best thing happened in the Internet. People are telling their feeling and connected with emotion and actions taken in the real world. The community power has it that even the government cannot undermind.Few things that social media drove people in positive ways:

  • Software patent protest in Euro making ISO-based document as a must and making free/open source software blossoms in there. Many free software developers inform people to take a move to get into their own local representative to fight against software patents.
  • Obama selected as president. Many young people and frustated people gathering their opinions through YouTube and Facebook resulting a big win and high participants rate in people.
  • Indonesian people gathering their power to express their support to KPK. This was considered impossible in the past, because DPP (the supposedly local representative of party) never have the willingness nor the ability to do that. Once upon a time, there are two ways to be heard, either you are rich and influential enough or you are an activist.

Copyright Laws

This have been mentioned like as RIAA the evil vs. people. Actually, the thing  is about the way electronic media has evolve and making the old copyright laws flawed, or in my word, unpractical anymore. The gap between the printed era and digital era is the thing that made the business should make the change.In printed area, we are able to have printed copy with loss in quality. This makes the printed material quality an incentive for people to buy printed copy from publishers. Even when you are copying a cassette to another cassette, you would lose original quality. You can’t perserve quality, or the technology dismay that.Unfortunately, this is not true for digital copy. You could make a verbatim copy of your music without lost of quality. The process also not that long and encouraging people to do that automatically and shared them globally. With CD and cassette, if you borrowing it physically, you are temporary not having a copy of the content for the while, i.e. granting personal use of the item for the other.

Internet Freedom/Censorship [UPDATED]

There is a strong urge by provider in North America and Europe to have an ability to disconnect its user or banning them from doing specific task. The most reason is because user using P2P networks. Many believe that P2P are used for downloading illegal content. The strong proponent of Internet freedom believe that this could be used against privacy. In my opinion, this could be leverage to censor other content.Of course neither of this would affect us, yet.

Free/Open Source Software

I put this the last because this is the most thing that favor changes in media. We would say that thanks to people sharing their knowledge, the becoming a better place. No further info. 😀