Yeah, scary! It’s been 5 years since Warty and I’ve been there! I’ve been there since Ubuntu was still a derivative work of GNU/Linux Debian. I’ve been there when we can have Ubuntu repository compatible with Debian, even mixed them around. It’s been that long but feels like yesterday. The way Mark shunned us with the possible way of enhancing community as a strength. The revolutionary thinking at that time to introduce Free Software and Open Source Software as a brand of open community-driven.

Open, because it was targeted to non-techie people also. Open, because it has code of conduct. Open, because it would not scare people by RTFM-ing them. Open, because it’s an enterprise product that will stay free forever.

Feels like it was yesterday that the fat Dapper haunted my labs. Now, we have a professional GNU/Linux distro and getting better every release. This making me looking forward for Karmic Koala.

PS: Kambing now have stable repository, happy upgrading!

PPS: I’m running the current Kubuntu Karmic Koala and it’s fascinatingly fast and stable. Good work, Ubuntu!


XKCD “Scary” image is from