This blog post is an illegal one because this should be posted by my friend, Adin. He’s the one that should be credited for the hard labour to make a social media, Komunitas @ UI [KOMUI], available. So, to make this blog post right, I credited all the hard work to him. 😛

For the sake of clarity, I must say in front that [KOMUI] is an experimental attempt by us to learn the possibility of bringing social media as a media for learning. I think there are interesting questions that we can ask about it:

  1. How effective it would be?
  2. How would people can interact?
  3. What features can be added to bring this tool as productive (even more productive) as possible?
  4. What is the social impact for the social media?

As from the point of view from my technical experties, bringing a social media on UI bring a good question:

Can our infrastructure hold it? 

Not to say that our intra network is suck, on the contrary it is top notch. But, given by the past experience where Facebook would sucks more than 50% of our proxy resource,  I would say that social media is a resource hunger thing. The Web 2.0 thingie is actually pushing technology forward, which our server, just like most of the rest of the world, just not in that state, yet. AJAX, which the heart of Web 2.0, is a part of technology that available in modern browser. Yet, to be used efficently in server side, we must implement technology like Comet which can handle resource efficiently.

According to [HANS], some of the leading university is on the move for using social media. Some of their courses are already using it. Partial implementation I think is a normal thing, given that not everyone have the ability to adapt into new environment that fast. As the world begin to adapt it, so are we and that’s where [KOMUI] is a great asset to have social (and technical) experiment of how to bring effective learning behavior into the next century.

Care to take a ride on the experiment?

PS: Those who interested in learning social media as a learning tool could follow [JANE] as a starting point.

PPS: Remember, [KOMUI] is in experimental status.


[KOMUI]  Komunitas @ UI.

[HANS] Hans de Zwart.

[JANE] Jane Hart.