The emerging use of social media network as a pop culture evolving the way of society. There is a phenomena that making boundaries between real world (analog world) and virtual room (digital world/Internet) vague. People are more socialized into the Internet and they feel more “connected” with each other. With the advent of technology, what seems not possible years ago now has become reality, the people are now in the web. This connection evolve into what we call now the Internet society.

In the old school time, where Internet people were crowded mostly by savvy technologists and scientists, many talks were in form of decency and backed up with good argument. Popular communication tool at that day was using mailing list, an emailing system that sent to a group of interested people. Many of the user used a command line tools to check their email. With its limitation, mailing list system put some decent way to make the text readable and the topic discussed can be managed. Those rules also shaped the way people talk each other and from that born a culture of the Internet called netiquette.  This Internet culture is described in RFC 1855. This era was dominated by decent language that sometimes emphasized formal language.

Then came the time where Internet is ubiquitous and everybody can join. The revolution started with the availibility of online forums. These forums ran by communities and developed a bond between them. The comments have relaxed and many puns and jokes were collaborated creating Internet memento (Internet meme). A new culture also emerged as the online games absorbing more people to connect into the Internet, including youngster and non-techie.

Internet was, is, and will always be a media of freedom, even if the freedom is something that you would like to avoid. The freedom of speech and the anonimosity that runs from the veins of Internet draws people to use expressions that in the realm of analog humanity would never go unpunished. People experimenting with their emotions and take the experimentation into something like vandalism. With the anonimosity in the place, people would never knew what age, gender, and even the real location of the abuser.

The provocation and such is believed by the Internet person as something that acceptable. The way the person act, no matter how vandal the person is, always find himself/herself getting away with it, even sometimes awarded for such act. The most severe act by the victim would be the ban of a certain user nor by deleting the challenging comment. This, of course, is less severe than the analog world, where people that punished by getting banned would cause the person cut down from society. In the Internet, when a person was banned by from a site, the person can go to other site or just change identity with no hassle. Internet has become a wild place.