A while ago I was complaining about the fallen quality of current theatres. So, I decided to make my own theatre and, gosh, awfully simple. I’m using plain computer running GNU/Linux Debian Unstable/Experimental and I’m using OSS 4.1-mercurial for my sound driver. I’m using cheap stereo speaker in front and connect it into the green female sound output. Then, I connect 2.1 speaker behind my chair. Then, I played the movie with mplayer. 

Btw, I’m using el cheapo Intel integrated sound.

I can hear the buzzing and have the experience just like current cinema, even better I can go and take a pee without ever afraid of losing any moment. Seriously, I feel more surround sound and no annoying teenagers that would talk during the show and I can set the room temperature based on my taste.

In my conclusion, if you want a good home theatre, you can buy 5.1 speaker about 700 thousands rupiah. A cool LCD projector would costs about 8 million rupiah, you could buy lower than that at Mangga Dua. Or, you could just plug it into your TV or to your LCD monitor (recently they use widescreen).

Or, you could go to your boss and toss an idea to use your Meeting room and have a team bond by watching movie together.  💡

No wonder DVD always few months late. But, hey, luckily not all good film at theater, Gamer and Idiocracy are the good example of that.