Last time I use Enlightenment version 17, known as E17,  was about more than one year ago. That time, I was sad because the daily svn snapshot Debian package repository was going down. I wasn’t even aware that the official Debian package of E17 was conflicting with it. So, I have a messy E17 system that forced me converted into Gnome + Beryl combo.

What is E17? Well, as far as I follow, it was intended to build a desktop shell (which GNOME 3 also trying to strive now). To put it in a common words, it was intended to put all the widget/gadget/applet (let’s just say module) as an integral part of GUI experience. The whole desktop was a shell itself and could contain any widget. Later on, E17 adapted a new shelf system which providing a container of those modules. Sadly for me, this container have a maximum dimension, so I could not stretched the analog clock module.

How is it that E17 have the best GUI experience for me?

For your information, my KDE4 setup was built to resembled my old E17. But, it won’t be like E17, it had big memory footprint. This was making a concern for me because of running Netbeans and sites that abused Flash too much will render my computer helpless. My Pentium D often would die on me in high load because of the extreme heat so I would restart the PC. For a note, I had an experience that I  had leave it as is and found the following morning my computer was running slow, but it would be a pain if I would wait a day to have my computer reponse rather than restarting it. Anyway, that was the suckiness of my PC.


E17 was tailored on performance and better user experience. It was visioned by the core developers as the most advance system in user experience yet it would have low footprint. How low? Well, it could run smoothly on Zaurus device.

The thing that I like from E17 is it’s way of configuring have fast effect and restarting it without restarting X would make my day if ever I’m in a boring state and need to tweak my system. It was using the own byte configuration file, but later following Freedesktop’s way of saving configuration file. It was at early times deemed to have real transparency, breaking the pseudo-tranparency (which btw also invented by E16).

Well, I haven’t investigated the new E17. But, it is more than usable than the old days. What I like from E17 is the paradigm which have contra with common paradigm of today software. That is, it would be released when it’s ready. When it will be ready? Dunno, I have run this E17 since CVS (2003/2004 maybe? cmiiw), the old SVN, the new SVN, using compiled version, live CD, and debian repo. Some functionality come and go, which sadly I sometimes found it too useful to be thrown away.

This is the sexiness of my E17:


Oh btw, I’m using GNU/Linux Debian Unstable/Experimental. And the site:

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