Got an interesting news about Microsoft donate codes into Linux kernel with GPL v2 and Canonical finally released Launchpad everything (source and its history) under AGPL. According to [ARS], the code that Microsoft put in kernel is a Hyper V kernel. They need that code in order for Linux kernel can be 100% compatible with Hyper V. In server world, GNU/Linux is a top notch solution and it can provide virtualization with ease. Microsoft also want to compete with VMWare and dozen others. So, it must have its technology to be compatible with GNU/Linux.FYI, Intel’s and AMD’s virtualization, hypervisor, was firstly supported by Xen, an open source solution for virtualization. In fact, the reason why there is a hypervisor technology was because of Xen.Oh, I’ve change my theme, so that many of you can comment freely now.Reference:[ARS] ]Ars Technica. 2009.