It’s been a while since I blogged because of the student registration. The event was successful with some glitches, but, hey, I am proud because of the contuinity of improvement. There were regressions on 2008 registration that’ve been fixed and even improved. Yeah, we still have flaws and we are not proud because of it, but it doesn’t make me stop to awe on how Universitas Indonesia as a whole trying to tackling those issues while continue with the improvement.

Some of the 2009 registration improvements that I think need some mention:

1 Online Pre-Registration Process

SIMAK UI enabling people to enter registration form easily and with the help of Biaya Pendidikan (BP) system. It enables anyone to register and then pay the bill from the few appointed banks (IIRC, there are 7 of them). The status of the payment then get updated in an instance because we are connected with it. It’s by far, CMMIW, the most hassle free student registration system.

The catch is people must be able to use computer and have a decent Internet connection. Thankfully, it was supposed to be a requirement in highschool and if it wasn’t, there are another ways to enter Universitas Indonesia, including the traditional SNMPTN and UMB. Oh, well, the screw was started in 2008 anyway and that’s politics and I don’t want to step on it. All that I can say is I’m proud that Universitas Indonesia do its best effort to give equal chance for all.

2 Stripped Down Registration Process

There are only five registration field and the registration process is quite simple, though there are times where bottleneck may arise due to technical reason. Other than that, there are two noticable features available for 2009 students those are students can have their jacket and students that have paid the tuitition fee may receive the student card. Those two can be done on the same day at registration process.

I know there would be corner cases, but that’s fixable and that’s what I as a part of the team do it right now. So, sampai jumpa.  😆