I’m very concern of how things happen here. With the emergence of embedded system market, many tools keep coming into the marketplace. Many innovations coinage by new terms like multimedia phone, netbook, etc., arise in concurrent with new technology. But, here in Indonesia, there is also comes true one leakiness: ignoring the GNU/Linux system.

You may say that I’m a FOSS zealot and that bold statement is biased. But, think about this: all of the local brand Netbook can’t be installed with GNU/Linux without glitches. While the foreign sibling such as Acer’s, Lenovo’s, and ASUS’ can be installed with GNU/Linux. Imagine this: there is a Windows preinstalled Netbook, which costs you more, and there is this GNU/Linux Netbook. Which would you select?

There is a big difference between the embedded world and the desktop world; that is it’s architecture and purpose. Embedded system build around in special devices and sometimes using different processor. Not much people would use it as a serious gaming platform, it’s only geared towards productivity. So, the fancy games that Windows wins is not viable there.

Netbook was created as a low-cost device to have common task done. It was not intended for serious gaming nor any set of needs that need high requirement. However, it may be used as a simple productivity tools, PDF reader, a browser, and any light processing task. It was intended for people with high mobility, so it has relatively high uptime and WiFi ability. Because of the screen size, the user experience of a Netbook should differ with desktop or Notebook. With its small screen, the readability of a Netbook, including its menu, icons and fonts must be redesign to meet a high quality which a person can use it well. The minimal requirement of this gadget also making it must stay resource-limited in mind when designing an application. Besides, you must put those on ease. These radical changes of graphical user interface are in the end changer user experience radically. To put it simply, total overhaul of how things work, the innovation behind it, would make the Netbook is experimental in its merits.

Then why would you still insist on trusting your hardware with Windows Embedded?

The one reason is because people trust Windows than other platform. The brand justify your product. Meaning, you are not confident enough to differ with others. Not like that stubborn Apple Corp. nor that EEE PC did. The other reason is because you have no knowledge to do customization since basically your local product actually a rebranded product.

Whatever the reason, you may consider that non-innovative product is not well suited for long term continuity. Invest your time and take a look around for GNU/Linux fabrication. One thing is to specify your hardware to suited for GNU/Linux installation. Provide that as a long time investment and make the service available.

The thing that making GNU/Linux platform weaker than Windows is because the lack of OEM to preinstalled it on their system. The system always considered as an supported system. That’s why it would be a hassle to put it on the hardware. But, as you may see how the world now in favor of the system, many big industry players have consider of using GNU/Linux as a preinstalled platform of choice. This of course a gamble, but the big community behind FOSS making the company that using GNU/Linux looks like celebrity. Thus, making a good PR for the company itself.

Besides, who would resist cost reduction on their production while stay competitive?

With the saturation of technology,  many seeks asylum on innovative ways. Even if the specs are the same, they would differentiate their products with each other. In that war for a piece of cake, innovative is a must.

So, please, brothers and sisters, I plea you to at least to have your product support GNU/Linux so that you can have a community backed you up and free developers to enhance your product lines.

As suggested by Iang, there are handful of developers whom also in favor for making BlankOn, a GNU/Linux distribution based on Ubuntu, eager to make the distribution for Netbook. Why don’t you jump into it also? Check out for the comment for further link.


Addendum as suggested by Iang.