Using KDE 4 (4.2.4) from Debian Unstable. Here’s my configuration:

  • Theme: Bespin (SVN)
  • Window: Skulpture (Debian Unstable)
  • Plasma: XBAR (SVN)
  • GTK2 Engine: Qt4

My KMail in the background and my Amarok 2 in Bespin Style. See how XBAR containing Amarok’s menubar.

KMail + Amarok

Well, XBAR can do that for all of KDE 4 native application. Sadly, my Opera 10 Beta uses Qt 3. I can only put its window decorator off, set it maximize (access those with ALT+F3), and disable menubar (toggle with ALT+F11) making the result like this:

Opera 10 Beta

Hmm.. actually it also play well with Java’s Swing. Take a look at my NetBeans 6.7 Beta:

NetBeans 6.7 Beta

Oh, well, using GTK2-Qt4 engine, my GTK2-based application runs well. Take a look at my pidgin:


I wish Kopete can use proxy well. That is the sole bug that make this marvelous glorious coolest of desktop, KDE4, flawed. Bah, I think I should get to work.  😎